Everybody looks at you differently

I look at you as the same

No matter the name

And what shape you take

I think of you as the same

When I think of you

I see my saviour

I don’t see your colour

I don’t see red or white

I don’t see one arm or ten

I look at your eyes

They are much the same

They call me strange

Because I look at you as the same

They don’t understand

What I feel for you

When I look at you

I feel calm

I feel safe

I feel like I can breathe

How does it matter if you were

Born black or white?

How does it matter

That you died or didn’t

I look at you the same

Maybe because I am different

But you are all the same


Sing Me a Lullaby

Wont you sing a lullaby 

to make me fall asleep tonight


Wont you hold my hand as I sleep

Till I disappear into the night

Will you remember me

think of me when you are happy?

Will you visit me in your dreams

O, wind?


You don’t stop for anybody

You don’t slow down

You rip everything apart

And take the pieces with you

But this time,


Will you sing a lullaby

for me to fall asleep?

Will you slow down 

till I float away

O, wind?


You’re a breath of fresh air
Oh no!
You’re the wind
Tulips and roses
Will just have to bend

You don’t stop for anyone
You’re like that distant star in the sky
Looks best when admired from afar
Burns when you get too high

You’re a comet
You’ll burn
And then you’ll run away
You’ll leave bright memories
For those left behind
But you’ll be far gone
Way ahead
In this race of time

I Sit By the Side of the Road

I sit by the side of the road

And life becomes a movie playing in front of my eyes

Now I am the movie

I walk towards the sun

I am that little bird flying across the sky

I am the kid on the bicycle

I am the woman he kissed

And with the tingling on my neck

My heart flutters


And jumps out of my body

It bounces on the street

And leaps into the chest

of the woman next door


I am the old woman

who fell in love and lost

And now I watch that young couple

As they play the same game of hearts


I am the painter

Who sits quietly in a corner

And paints the people that go by


I sit in a corner

And watch a movie

Of the street

I watch this movie

Called Life….

And now I am the movie