I start the year 2015 with some creativity. This is a story that I have had in mind for some time, but only got around to writing now. Do let me know if you like it

“Dear Veena,

I listened to your show again last night, and it was splendid as ever. Every time that I listen to it, I think it just gets better. Your voice becomes sweeter. Your words sound like music to my ears. It’s like our own version of a romantic date. I wish I wouldn’t have to wait a whole two weeks to go on these dates.

And this is why I have decided to marry, Veena.  I want to meet a beautiful, nice young girl from your country, just like you. I want a girl with a melodious voice, who sings to me when I am sad, speaks with the most beautiful accent, shies away when I approach her – just like in the movies! I want a gentle-hearted, cheerful and honest young girl. And I think the only place in the world where I can find a girl like that, is your beautiful country. Will you help me find one?

I look forward to your next show.



This is when he started looking for a girl to fall in love with. To marry and settle down with. He had been alone, in a big, busy land for a long time now. And now he said he wanted to find peace. He thought he could find peace in a woman he loved. He wanted to marry someone from my country- a land that he believed had only beautiful and honest people. Because that is what he heard from us on the radio. Every weekend, he would turn the radio on at 10 o’ clock at night, and as he prepared for bed, he would listen to stories that we told him about our land. He would listen to folk tales of young love, stories that we tell little children before bed, legends about wondrous palaces and gardens throughout the country. We would play songs from old movies, and songs about festivals and frolicking. Oh! What a happy picture we drew! Reporting about the wars, the politics, and the corruption wasn’t our job. We were there to make people feel good about the beautiful things in the world after a hard day of work.

And that is exactly what he heard too. He would listen joyfully to the stories and laugh at every joke we made in the middle. He would come back from work, turn on the radio, and listen to our show while he cooked himself a meal. After his meal, he would get into bed, turn off the light, and fall asleep listening to the music from the old movies. This is what he did every single day.

Or at least this is what he told us through his letters. He wrote every other week. One of our most dedicated listeners, and a special fan of mine. Never missed a show. I did the show at this time every alternate week. Lata and Mani, my co-workers, did the rest.of the weeks’ shows.

All three of us were

But he never wrote to them as diligently as he did to me. Lata and Mani would often tease me that he had a crush on me, and said if I wasn’t in a country hundreds of miles away, he would probably have asked me to marry him by now. Well, they did, until they read this letter.

It definitely had us a little puzzled. But then not so much after a while. He seemed to be a lonely young man. Taking the time to write a letter to someone you never met, every week, wouldn’t be an easy job if you had a family, would it? He had a shop that sold knick knacks so I am guessing he didn’t make much money either. But he seemed to be a happy man. A little dreamy, but happy.

Anyway, so we decided to do something for a devoted listener. We decided to look for a girl. Well, I did. I started a small matrimonial segment on my show. For five minutes, I would appeal to all the singles in the world (or whoever was listening to us) who were looking for love, to tell us what they liked. And I put them in touch with each other by giving them another suitor’s mailing address.

The segment became more popular than I expected. We started getting flooded with letters, from young and old men and women telling us what they liked and who they were looking for. Sometimes we got pretty interesting letters from long lost lovers who were looking for their mates from years ago. We even got a letter from a man who asked us to announce his marriage proposal to his girlfriend on the radio.

But the real flood of letters was, as expected, from Alexander. He started sending us bi-weekly letters, first thanking us, then describing to us what he was looking for in the girl that he wanted to marry.

Such obsession with finding a foreign girl to marry was strange for us. Alexander had taken no time to become the butt of all our jokes on account of the frequency of his letters. But now it even got more ridiculous, with his long, eloquent descriptions of his dreams of marrying an innocent, young girl from a land he had never been to and perhaps would never be able to visit. How were we supposed to find him a suitable match, sitting miles away from him over the radio? You couldn’t even see the person you were talking to, or talking about! Such illusions, the radio manages to create, is something I realized every single time I read Alexei’s letters.

I found it slightly adorable that he wanted so much to marry. It worried me a little, but what could I do? I continued with my search for the perfect girl for Alexei, writing to him about different girls who wrote in to us, also looking for a suitable young man. Much delusional and naïve like Alexei himself.

A few months later, after a long series of conversations about dates with these women and how they never seemed to be The Right One for Alexei, we got a letter from him saying that he had met someone. A girl from my country at last. She had walked into his store looking for trinkets for her friend and Alexei and her hit it off.

Soon we started getting letters from him talking excitedly about how beautiful and how lovely she was and how much they adored each other’s company. Lata and Mani’s jokes by now had changed too. They said I was like his walking-talking personal diary. A pen friend that he confides in but can’t confess his love to.

But anyway, that didn’t bother me so much. I was happy for him. Our segment on matrimonials was also seeming to be quite a success. Everything was good in the world. One of those days Alexei even wrote to us that he planned to propose to his now-girlfriend Nazmi. He was in love with her, and she was all that he had been looking for.

And then his letters stopped.


Well, they ceased for a bit. This was very unlike Alexei. From writing almost twice every week his letters reduced to zero? And suddenly!

At first, we all assumed he had married that girl and was busy in his new life. Then we got a little worried. And then, we forgot about it.

But three months later, we got a letter from him again. His handwriting was slightly different this time. Slightly shaky, not as clear and composed as before. It looked like he had written this in a hurry, and not taken his time with it like he used to.

He had written to us, (all right, to me), saying that Nazmi and him broke up. As it turns out, she was already married. Alexei found out the day he asked her to marry him. She got panicky and confessed that she had been seeing Alexei behind her husband’s back all this while. She said she could not choose between Alexei and her husband.

Alexei said he was heart-broken. He broke up with Nazmi – she had lied to her. But he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He stopped going to his shop and lay in bed till he ran out of food, and till his water supply and electricity got cut off because of unpaid bills.

But now, he is trying to get back on to his feet slowly. He has started going to his shop again. Business is not that good anymore but he is making do.

I wrote back to him saying I was sorry for what had happened, and he was a good man who didn’t deserve it. But what more could I say? I told him that there was more to life than girls and he must find another purpose in life now. And if he still was looking for a girl, then the matrimonial segment was still on and we would love to help.

He replied just once, and with one word – Thanks.

And then we never heard from him again.


Life moved on. But some things changed after Alexei’s last letter. We stopped the matrimonial section altogether. I am not sure whether we stopped it because we felt guilty, or because it had started to wane in popularity anyway. Mani left the radio and started her career as a stay-at-home wife. I got married and had a little girl in the next year. Lata still comes for the show, but now she doesn’t seem so interested in a show she has been doing for the last 5 years.

I often wonder what happened of Alexander. Did he look for a new girl? Did he find one? Or did he give up on them altogether? Did he get back on to his feet after all? What happened to his dream of a foreign girl to marry?

I have often thought of writing to him. But I can never bring myself to it. The show is still on. Maybe someday he will write to us himself…maybe not….



I changed the theme of my blog today. It felt like it was time for some change.

It is almost the end of another tumultuous year. Can’t say this year was bad, but it wasn’t great, and I could do with some change. But some people say change isnt always good. Some say it is. So which one should i go for? Change? Or no change?
This year was full of changes. I moved out of my house. I went from being ‘single’ to ‘casually dating’ to ‘in a serious relationship’ to ‘not sure’ to ‘single again’ all in the same year. I evolved physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially. Fell in love again after thinking I would never feel the same way again. Made mistakes which would continue to impact my life for some time. So much change has happened in a single year. Do I need more?

Yes, Change bums you out. It shakes you to the core, it wakes you up to the dark truths of the world. It takes you out of your comfort zone, forces you out of your warm blanket and pajamas.

So do I need more change?

And my heart says ‘YES!’ Yes, I do still feel the need for change. But this change needs to be positive. I need inspiration. I need a challenge.

Why? Because Change keeps you moving. It helps you come out of the rut you have made for yourself in life. It wakes you up when you have become too comfortable and lazy in your routine. It challenges you to get up again and find yourself! It asks you to look for the beautiful things in life….forces you even. It reminds you that things will not stay hunky-dory forever and you need to stay connected with the things that make you feel whole. It makes you want to re-invent yourself and the world around you for the better.

When the first wave of changing waters hits your face, it feels sharp and cold. But keep standing, and then you will feel the cold turn into a pleasant refreshing coolness. Yes, the first flash of Change is a struggle, but make it your own, swim through it, not wave your arms around in chaos, and soon, you will start enjoying the relief it brings. It will make you feel alive.

Embrace it. Live it. imagesChange.

Yes, I want some Change.

Festive Season: A Time to Reconnect, Renew and Relax!

For us Indians, the time around October-November is full of festivities and celebration. With a host of festivals: Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti and Id all falling within a few days of each other, there is not much else on everyone’s minds except finding ways to make the best of the holiday season. But what really has this celebration of the festive season started to mean? From being a time meant to get together with the family, to drowning yourself in the ethos of good over evil that this time signifies, to celebrate the transition from summer to winter, to revel in the air of joy and excitement….the festive season has started to take a rather different connotation in the minds of the urban clans. Festival time has turned into a period of mad shopping: not for pleasure but to flaunt, a time to put others down and show your economic affluence to the less fortunate, a time to indulge in gambling, binge drinking and other crass pass-times.

The meaning and idea of having a a festival meant for family togetherness has been completely lost in the face of the greed and hyper-activity and tension that marks holiday time today. From being a time when aunties and uncles would get together with friends, or sons and daughters would come back home to their parents, grandparents and cousins to go out and have fun, Diwali time has turned into a commercial holiday meant for reveling in the discounts and shopping for mere fulfillment of greed.

Why have we forgotten what it means to have a proper family holiday? Why have we forgotten that Diwali is a time for shared celebration, large dinners with people you hardly get to meet, a time for old friends and acquaintances to reconnect with each other, or a time to even reconnect with the spiritual being inside you? One doesn’t need to be religious or rich to celebrate a tradition like Diwali. All one needs is togetherness, love and joy to enjoy the beauty, the lights, the sounds of the puja and crackers around. Holiday time-Diwali time, is the perfect opportunity to make amends to unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy thinking and a time to make new resolutions.

Only if one shuns the element of greed, of pride, of unnecessary extravagance can one truly become one with the spirit of the festive season and enjoy it for what it really is. Undesired and unnecessary tensions only kills the spark of this time and makes it like any other day in the calendar.

Here are a few ways one can redeem the spirit of the festive season:

1. Reconnect with old friends and family members. Send them a hello, invite them to dinner, meet for coffee. This is the perfect time to relive beautiful memories and make new ones.

2. By all means, go shopping. But remember to shop in moderation. Shop in the spirit of the festival. Shop for things that will make the festival more beautiful and enjoyable, not things you can show off later. A new plasma TV can be bought later, invest in some nice diyas for Diwali.

3. While you are at it, shop for others too.  It doesn’t need to be something big and lavish. Even small gestures go a long way in sustaining relationships and making them stronger. A box of mithai and chocolates spell love more than a vase no one will use.

4. Think about the loved ones in your life. Take some time out to cherish old memories. They are what keep life going.

5. Clean the house. Throwing out the trash from your house will make you feel better, it even feels like cleaning a part of your existence. Give away old clothes, dust those old books. A clean house feels great to live in!

6. Redecorate the house. Change is almost always good. The festive season is the perfect time for new beginnings and you will start feeling and loving the change if you start with small things. Place some flowers in the living room. Rearrange your closet.

7. Do something nice for someone else. Having helped someone in need gives the best feeling in the world! Not to mention it makes your heart (and face) glow! 

8. Most importantly, relax. Take a break. Its holiday time. Get some good sleep. 

9. Indulge a little. So far its in moderation, a little pampering goes a long way in making oneself feel better for a long time. Take a long bath. Do a manicure. Gorge a little on those sweets. You don’t need to torture yourself to live. 

10. Remember, inner happiness and inner peace is more important that outer glories like wealth. 


A Day In the Life of A Beggar

Its afternoon already. The sun is blazing on my face and my throat is parched. But I cannot stop talking. I have to sell all the 20 pens in my hand by sunset. Clearly, I have no option but to continue to walk from car to car, auto to auto, persuading people to buy a pen. There is no place I can get a drink of water, so I see no point in sitting down somewhere or looking for a way to get water and wasting time.

I walk from window to window, thrusting the pens in the faces of the memsahibs, hoping they get attracted to the bright colours. I linger around longer where I see children, in the hope that they will see the pens and urge their parents to buy them one pen, if not the stack. But like every other car, the memsahib ignores me and pulls up her window. She is afraid I will nick something from her car. What will she lose? That rich woman, if I do take a small shiny thing from her hand anyway? She is capable enough to buy another, I am sure. “Selfish, heartless men with money”.

My own mother is nowhere to be seen. She must be somewhere on the other end of the road begging for money. The ‘badha sahib’ tells her to drag herself on a low chowki across the road. This, he says will bring more sympathy and thus, more money. I don’t like to see her like this, but I have no choice. Sometimes, I tell her to just walk normally. But she says she is so used to this that tiring her feet makes no sense. “The badha sahib is right too. And what if he sees me on my feet? He will surely kill me, or break my legs for real”, says Amma.

Sometimes I get scared, that she too will be crushed like Abba under a speeding car. The loons in their big cars have no sense and often drive over our friends and the other beggars at the crossing. Then we have to endure the kids’ cries of pain for months as they moan their loved one’s death or tolerate a broken leg or hand. Work doesn’t stop of course. Sometimes, it comes as a boon when occasionally, a kind-hearted man gives us 10 rupees when he sees a bandaged hand. But very rarely do we come across such people.

I look at these people in their big cars and think to myself, if ever I will be able to rise up to their level. Maybe someday I will run away and sell all my pens for a better price and get a better deal somewhere. But that is not easy. The ‘badha sahib’s’ men will beat up Amma and dump her in the river if they find out. Maybe I will run away without telling her. But then, who will take care of her? My sister already has to carry around 3 more brothers all day, and see to it that they get a morsel of food. I don’t know what to do right now, but I will figure something out. Someday, after Amma goes away, I will run away and make more money. I will drive a car just like these badhaa people. But I will have the heart to give away a few rupees, maybe even a hundred, to the people on the street. People like me.

Do Something! For Yourself!

So often, I am ridiculed and given funny looks by my friends when I say something strange or try to crack a funny joke. There are times when I feel like singing aloud in public without being bothered that I probably sound like what they call ‘Phataa Baans’ (broken flute) in Hindi, and the fact that there are other people around me.

But I am different from my friends in the way I deal with these urges, and I am proud of it. When I do, in fact get the urge to hum a little, I DO it…because at that point of time, that tune is meant for me to enjoy and not for others to judge. I wish everyone would just do the same, without feeling conscious of the world and what they would think.

Dont we spend enough hours in a day trying to impress those around us? Be a better student and pay attention in class. Not do mischief to remain in the good books of the teacher. Follow the boss like a puppy in the hope of getting a promotion someday. Try to impress the in-laws, brothers, sisters, etc??

After all this toiling, isn’t is fair that we give ourselves a few minutes too?

When you really want to crack a joke…crack one! Why be scared that it wont be funny? Lets say you crack the saddest joke of the year. Chances are, by tomorrow the saddest joke of the year will become the saddest joke of yesterday.

When you want to stop and gaze at something…why not do it? When you want to sing a song…why not do it?

Why are we so scared about what people will think about us? What about one’s opinion about oneself?

I, for one, feel very good that I can enjoy myself and give myself some entertainment by my wacky ways. If I have an ice tea, I will probably dance around with that paper cup on my head acting like a drunkard. But then, that little dance is meant for me and myself only. I do not see why other’s opinion about my dancing should bother me when I didnt ask them for any. Especially, seeing as how most probably they are strangers to me.

Lets say the people around you arent strangers. Then what? The same thing I would say to them too. It is not that I need to ask you for permission to enjoy myself a bit. And if you truly like me, you will stick with me regardless of how I behave. If you are embarrassed of me, then I have no interest in being friends with you. And neither should you have any interest in staying friends with me, if all you want to do is, make fun of me behind my back.

It is time we started enjoying and doing things…for ourselves!!

Are You Sporty Enough?

For quite some time, I have neglected my blog. A series of upheavals in my personal life and social life led to a writer’s block and the lack of motivation to write anymore. But now I feel I am back to life! A few days ago I started talking to a friend who recently experienced a break up with his long time girlfriend. Obviously, he had been left pretty heart broken and dejected. In an effort to make him feel better, we started talking about books, movies, and any and every other thing in life.

When you hang out or talk to a guy, sports talk is bound to come up. With the Cricket World Cup, it is likely to come up every now and then. But the friend realized the probability of me getting bored with The Talk and decided to apologize and talk about something else. I decided to go with it anyway if that made him feel better. It could also probably give him a morale boost considering how he could explain a nutter like me, the moves and tactics of his favourite cricketer.

But in course of time, as I listened to him talk passionately about the progress of an ideal cricketer and a perfect cricket match, I realized that sport definitely had much more to do with people than just the joy of playing.

As the friend told me about his daily ritual of running for 8 Kms, I thought about how much even a short round can do. Running not only helps burn calories but also helps burn negative energy. As all the frustration is shed in the energy used in running, one’s mind gets clearer and the decision making process becomes a little less stressful. Moreover, the exposure to fresh air just lightens one’s mood and brings a new zeal to deal with life.

Not only running, every sport does this job of helping get rid of the excess energy which may not be necessarily needed.

Sports which require teams teach us more than coordination and teamwork. Football and Cricket, and any other big games that require two or more people, teach us to listen to the other person. They teach us to respect them. They teach us to cooperate and think out a suitable strategy as fast as you can, collectively as well as individually. They teach us to make quick decisions and judge people for different purposes. The best part is, they also teach you to make different judgements in different situations. What happens on the field remains on the field. A poor goalie might not be a slow person otherwise. One character does not define a person, is something sports can show you with practical examples.

But one does not need to involve in high energy sports to relish the wonderful after effects of having played a wonderful game. A simple game of carom or skipping the rope, or scrabble or Business can do wonders for one’s self esteem and spirits. The feeling of accomplishment after having captured the queen or having completed a 100 skips successfully or having earned the most money is unbeatable.  Moreover, board games not only teach you to play in and against a team with just your brain and no arms and legs, they usually have more special purposes.

Carom enhances dexterity, Scrabble enhances word power. A good game for maths is Business and there are several more games which strengthen one’s geography, or general knowledge or oratory too! What’s more? They allow one to get some close knit family time or even a friends’ union when time becomes a rare luxury.

And then of course, are the qualities which everyone knows about. It makes you strong enough to face defeat. It makes you agile, healthy and happy!

Clearly, sports has much more to it than leisure.. It has much more value for life and for us as social beings even when its benefits aren’t so easily visible. A simple act of viewing an interesting match can be pretty elating, I found out a couple days back when this friend urged me to watch a game. The surge of national pride, the sense of nervousness and the feeling of despair at someone else’s loss and the feeling of pride at some else’s victory is a very different experience.  When the team you support wins, the celebration is greater than any other! And when that team loses, no loss seems bigger at that point of time.

Sports just reminds us that we are humans who feel after all. We possess emotions not only for ourselves, but others too, whether known or unknown. Even if we dont realize it otherwise in life.

Being sporty is to be human, I would say.  So are you sporty enough?


I Love Being Single, But Sometimes It Sucks

One of the best fusion bands that India has produced- Indian Ocean, will be performing in the city tonight. And I cant go.

As luck has it, the performance starts late in the evening, and ends after nightfall, and like all big cities, Delhi too doesn’t allow me to stay out till late unless I am accompanied by a male friend/brother/elder person.

And that is why I can go there tonight.

Most of my male friends are busy doing other things or are simply not interested in this kind of music. I have no brothers or close male relatives who can accompany me to the concert, or even just pick me up from the venue. This is the time when I start yearning a boyfriend. My girlfriends, the ones who manage to stay out and go to cool places can do so because of this one big asset: they have a boyfriend who is most likely capable to ensure their safety.

As for me, I get stuck. Unless I decide to risk being groped or stalked or raped on the streets at night, there is little chance that I would be willing to go out alone and return home alone at 9:30 pm. All in all this makes me think, being a girl sucks. Or perhaps, being a single girl sucks.

There is another option I can consider. But it is a long one:

1. I convince  one good guy friend to do me a favour and pick me up and perhaps even come to the concert with me.

2. I convince my mother that this particular friend is a nice, decent guy and I will be safe with him.

3. Convince myself too.

4. Keep the guy in line too. After all, he IS a guy.

5. Tolerate  my mother’s phone calls anyway when she tries to find out if I am having ‘too much fun’.

6. Attempt to make her understand that the guy is nothing more but a friend.

7. Convince the guy the same.

Sigh…I guess I have to choose. To go or not to go.

I Sleep at 2AM: Not Sorry I Missed Your Call

I don’t understand some people. It is not rare that I get phone calls from classmates, old schoolmates, and even people I hardly talk to at odd times at night. Unfortunately, most of them happen to be guys who in my opinion, have apparently nothing better to do in life.

Once every while, I get a call at 12 am, or 2 am or even a ‘funny’ text message at 4 am in the morning. Seriously, where does one get such enthusiasm for texting from?

Has the mobile phone now become the tool for the inevitable need to talk? Or is it the perfect tool to flirt?

Perhaps it is a time-pass tool for people who are just looking to get laid.

I really wonder what goes on in the minds of the people who decide to text young women at random hours in the night. Do they really think they will be able to impress a girl  by showcasing their amazing ability to text while lying in bed, half asleep (or not)?

Or do they think that we love to receive texts from weird people who we hardly know, and the only thing we want to do in the middle of the night is to sit and talk dirty?

Well, sadly for all those out there who love to disturb young women, I am not interested. So please, if possible, keep your texts (and yourself) away from me. I like to sleep at 2 am please.


The Kohl Connection


A survey by Cosmopolitan India reveals that about 47% of women in India feel that their favorite winter beauty product is Kajal (kohl). Out of lipsticks and tinted moisturizers- things which are almost absolutely necessary in the winter season, kajal- something which has no season and no particular necessity today  beats the essentials and wins the race. But am I surprised by this? Not really.

Kajal has been a part of women’s lives in India for centuries. Since ancient times, women and children have worn the kajal to decorate their eyes, to protect them from dust and even as a coolant and strengthener for the eyes in the tropical climate of the country. Egyptian queens wore Kajal for practically the same purposes. Kajal has also been believed to be a protector from the ‘evil eye’ in some traditions of India, and thus, as soon as an infant is born, a big dot of kajal is put on his cheek or his eyes are lined with it to prevent any mishappening to the newly-born.

Thus, since time immemorial, that black, sticky paste has been a part of perhaps every Indian’s life, be it a man or a woman, a child or a teenager.

But the kind of relationship a woman shares with the kajal is unique. For the woman, there is a trust that she puts in the kajal that it will make her eyes look big and attractive, in turn making the woman seem appealing. To some women, like me, it gives a sense of empowerment…a sign that I have grown up from a child into a woman and now it is time to take care of myself. Even though I do not wear makeup too often, I do wear kajal before I step out of the house for it gives me a sense of completion.

For some women, wearing the kajal is a part of a daily ritual. Every morning, they wake up, take a bath, wear their saris and then line their eyes with kajal. The lipstick is not the most important thing here in India, but kajal is. It symbolises a woman’s inner and outer beauty and confidence.

I think the kajal is also a celebration of the spirit of the woman, her beauty and the fire within her. Perhaps I feel so because after so many centuries of the association between the kajal and the woman, the kajal eventually comes to symbolize the woman.

But this does not mean that the kajal was only worn and appreciated by the females in our society. The kajal has always been seen as a mark of power. Kings and members of the royal court, as well as the common folk have worn the kajal for ages. Dramatists have used kajal to add more drama and colour to their eyes, attire and the stage. Our gods and goddesses have been represented while wearing the kajal. Who can forget the potrayal of Durga in her fericious avatar- Kali by scores of artistes in movies, TV shows, books…? Narada and Krishna, the sadhus and sevaks…all would be seen wearing the kajal at all times.

Wearing the kajal was always, thus, a way of life for us Indians. It has always been a part of our days and customs. Even as the use of kajal by men is now limited, the women and their relationship with kajal continues to grow. Everyday, hundreds of women, young and old, line their eyes carefully with their little pinkie finger or with sticks of kajal and then feel completely dressed (to kill?).

So much so, that the use of kajal has even been copied and spread to other parts of the world. Punk and Rock bands all over the world create new looks by using the kajal in different ways. The eyeliner has become the new and trendy avatar of the kajal and is used by women all over the world.

But there is something about this indigenous paste that even the modern liquid eyeliners can’t beat. Given a choice to put eyeliner on my eyes, or kajal, I will, like many other women I suppose, will go for the kajal and not eyeliner. I am not sure about the others, but I can never trust an eyeliner as much as kajal. The mere look of the eyeliner package screams out ‘Chemicals’! Also, the personal feeling that the look of the kajal gives-the idea that someone has probably worked hard to mix all the ingredients by hand (even though now they are probably all machine-operated) in the right proportions and given the black soot his blessing, just makes me grab a kajal stick instead of the shiny eyeliner wand. Moreover, speaking from a beutician’s point of view, the kajal is a more useful product than an eyeliner. It serves the purpose of decorating both the upper eye and the lower. Smudge it a bit and it becomes an eyeshadow and gives your eyes that sexy, smoky look. So instead of using 4 different products for the eye…i just use 1 and end up looking equally ravishing as I would using the other 4 chemical products.

Perhaps this close connection and long relationship with the kajal has resulted in the preference and love for kajal by many many women in India. No doubt about the fact that this relationship still has a long way to go and will remain in the hearts of hundreds of women for a long time to come.