Happy New Year

Its 2014.
Time to let the bad times turn around and ring in the good, the great, the best with a smile. Happy New Year everybody! May this year bring positivity and fulfilment! Forgiveness and pride! Love and hope! And BIG hugs to everyone!


New Year’s Not-A-Resolution List

2013 is about to come to an end, and like at the end of every year, I feel the need to introspect.

But something feels different this time. I never make any New Year Resolutions because I know I will never stick with them. But I feel the desire to do something that sounds promising. It has been a strange year: full of ups and downs. It has been a strange year not just for me, but for friends and family too. And now all of us could do with some positivity, and maybe coming up with a list will help move faster in that direction.

Since Resolution-making never works, I have decided to come up with a Not-a-Resolution List for the year 2014. Here are a few things from that list. Hope it benefits you too!

1. Stay inspired!

2. Strive to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, drink lots of water

3. Take out at least half an hour for yourself everyday

4. Dress better

5. Work as hard as you can

6. But you don’t need to exhaust yourself. Just be regular and consistent

7. Do what you love. Find time for it.

8. Find time for the people you love. Make that phone call instead of texting. Meet up for coffee. You will regret giving up the opportunity to re-connect with the people who mean the most to you.

9. Yes, it is possible to find time. Its about priorities.

10. Set your priorities, and stick to them

11. Try to look for the positive in any situation. There is always something good you can find. Everything happens for a pretty good reason

12. Quit whining

13. Pull up your socks and get down to work!!

14. Try to look for the good side in people. Bitching only brings more negativity and exposes your shallowness and inferiority complex

15. If you cant find the good in a situation, make it better. Light a candle in a dark room.

16. Read more

17. Smile often

18. Help people if you can. You don’t need to do something big, just be there for them. Make someone smile

19. Forgive more often. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn to give second chances.

20. Don’t regret anything. Learn from your mistakes and turn them into something positive! Remember, you wouldn’t be what you are without having made those mistakes. Everything comes together in the end, like a jigsaw puzzle!

21. Actually try to do the above things. Not read, smile and move on

22. Speaking of which, move on. Look ahead in life.

23. Don’t give up