New Year’s Not-A-Resolution List

2013 is about to come to an end, and like at the end of every year, I feel the need to introspect.

But something feels different this time. I never make any New Year Resolutions because I know I will never stick with them. But I feel the desire to do something that sounds promising. It has been a strange year: full of ups and downs. It has been a strange year not just for me, but for friends and family too. And now all of us could do with some positivity, and maybe coming up with a list will help move faster in that direction.

Since Resolution-making never works, I have decided to come up with a Not-a-Resolution List for the year 2014. Here are a few things from that list. Hope it benefits you too!

1. Stay inspired!

2. Strive to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, drink lots of water

3. Take out at least half an hour for yourself everyday

4. Dress better

5. Work as hard as you can

6. But you don’t need to exhaust yourself. Just be regular and consistent

7. Do what you love. Find time for it.

8. Find time for the people you love. Make that phone call instead of texting. Meet up for coffee. You will regret giving up the opportunity to re-connect with the people who mean the most to you.

9. Yes, it is possible to find time. Its about priorities.

10. Set your priorities, and stick to them

11. Try to look for the positive in any situation. There is always something good you can find. Everything happens for a pretty good reason

12. Quit whining

13. Pull up your socks and get down to work!!

14. Try to look for the good side in people. Bitching only brings more negativity and exposes your shallowness and inferiority complex

15. If you cant find the good in a situation, make it better. Light a candle in a dark room.

16. Read more

17. Smile often

18. Help people if you can. You don’t need to do something big, just be there for them. Make someone smile

19. Forgive more often. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn to give second chances.

20. Don’t regret anything. Learn from your mistakes and turn them into something positive! Remember, you wouldn’t be what you are without having made those mistakes. Everything comes together in the end, like a jigsaw puzzle!

21. Actually try to do the above things. Not read, smile and move on

22. Speaking of which, move on. Look ahead in life.

23. Don’t give up



I changed the theme of my blog today. It felt like it was time for some change.

It is almost the end of another tumultuous year. Can’t say this year was bad, but it wasn’t great, and I could do with some change. But some people say change isnt always good. Some say it is. So which one should i go for? Change? Or no change?
This year was full of changes. I moved out of my house. I went from being ‘single’ to ‘casually dating’ to ‘in a serious relationship’ to ‘not sure’ to ‘single again’ all in the same year. I evolved physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially. Fell in love again after thinking I would never feel the same way again. Made mistakes which would continue to impact my life for some time. So much change has happened in a single year. Do I need more?

Yes, Change bums you out. It shakes you to the core, it wakes you up to the dark truths of the world. It takes you out of your comfort zone, forces you out of your warm blanket and pajamas.

So do I need more change?

And my heart says ‘YES!’ Yes, I do still feel the need for change. But this change needs to be positive. I need inspiration. I need a challenge.

Why? Because Change keeps you moving. It helps you come out of the rut you have made for yourself in life. It wakes you up when you have become too comfortable and lazy in your routine. It challenges you to get up again and find yourself! It asks you to look for the beautiful things in life….forces you even. It reminds you that things will not stay hunky-dory forever and you need to stay connected with the things that make you feel whole. It makes you want to re-invent yourself and the world around you for the better.

When the first wave of changing waters hits your face, it feels sharp and cold. But keep standing, and then you will feel the cold turn into a pleasant refreshing coolness. Yes, the first flash of Change is a struggle, but make it your own, swim through it, not wave your arms around in chaos, and soon, you will start enjoying the relief it brings. It will make you feel alive.

Embrace it. Live it. imagesChange.

Yes, I want some Change.

I Sit By the Side of the Road

I sit by the side of the road

And life becomes a movie playing in front of my eyes

Now I am the movie

I walk towards the sun

I am that little bird flying across the sky

I am the kid on the bicycle

I am the woman he kissed

And with the tingling on my neck

My heart flutters


And jumps out of my body

It bounces on the street

And leaps into the chest

of the woman next door


I am the old woman

who fell in love and lost

And now I watch that young couple

As they play the same game of hearts


I am the painter

Who sits quietly in a corner

And paints the people that go by


I sit in a corner

And watch a movie

Of the street

I watch this movie

Called Life….

And now I am the movie

The Little Things in Life

This list has been long due. I turned 21 this year in June, and so I want to list 21 things (and people) this time which have made my life beautiful all these years.

1. Friends 

2. Mom

3. Chocolate Cake

4. Balloons

5. Colours

6. Homemade Indian Food

7. Road Trips

8. Summers

9. Swimming

10. Theatre

11. Egg Sandwiches

12. Chocolates

13. Cards (All sorts of greeting cards)


14. Long-distance relationships (with friends, relatives…whoever)

15. Letters

16. Grandma

17. Girls’ Day Out

18. Night outs

19. Long, deep convers


20. Vodka

21. Books

I have chosen to list just 21 things. This d

oes not in any way mean 21 is enough 🙂


[Some pictures are my own; some off the internet]

I Sleep at 2AM: Not Sorry I Missed Your Call

I don’t understand some people. It is not rare that I get phone calls from classmates, old schoolmates, and even people I hardly talk to at odd times at night. Unfortunately, most of them happen to be guys who in my opinion, have apparently nothing better to do in life.

Once every while, I get a call at 12 am, or 2 am or even a ‘funny’ text message at 4 am in the morning. Seriously, where does one get such enthusiasm for texting from?

Has the mobile phone now become the tool for the inevitable need to talk? Or is it the perfect tool to flirt?

Perhaps it is a time-pass tool for people who are just looking to get laid.

I really wonder what goes on in the minds of the people who decide to text young women at random hours in the night. Do they really think they will be able to impress a girl  by showcasing their amazing ability to text while lying in bed, half asleep (or not)?

Or do they think that we love to receive texts from weird people who we hardly know, and the only thing we want to do in the middle of the night is to sit and talk dirty?

Well, sadly for all those out there who love to disturb young women, I am not interested. So please, if possible, keep your texts (and yourself) away from me. I like to sleep at 2 am please.


Sunshine: You make my Day!! :D

I am not exactly what is called a ‘morning person’, but somehow, I have always loved the sun and sunshine. And honestly, on days when I dont get up early enough to enjoy the sun for a long time, it really makes me sad.

The brightness of the sun brightens my spirit and gives me an energy and zest for life and work. Cloudy and rainy days have never appealed to me for that reason. The moment the sun comes out from behind the clouds, it seems the gloom and dullness in life has faded away from life giving me instant happiness and bringing a smile to my face!

Then there are just so many things that I am reminded of when I see sunshine streaming in through my balcony. Having grown up in the tropical climate of India, like every other Indian, I too share a long relationship with the sun.

In the winter mornings, I would see the maids and grandmothers of my colony oiling their babies’ bodies with sesame oil and taking them out for a stroll so they won’t feel cold. I would also then, hear my mother advising the maids not to do that because it will leave their babies tanned and brown. The other ladies too be out taking a stroll with coconut or jasmine oil in their hair, enjoying the warmth of the sun on their cooled heads. The men would be sitting in cane chairs in gardens or balconies reading newspapers or listening to the radio. So, the air was filled with the fragrance of a variety of oils and the blaring of old Hindi Bollywood songs, interrupted by the chatter of the ladies and the chiding of the men, telling the women to come back home or talk softly.

My mother, though she would not go out with the others and chat on the street, she would sit with me in the balcony on a charpoy, and peel oranges and peanuts and keep popping them into her mouth every few seconds. She would also, now and then, stuff some into my mouth. I, thus, would try to sit on the farthest end of the charpoy so as to avoid her feeding me with fruits and nuts, struggling with math problems or Hindi grammar. Eventually, I too came to enjoy eating oranges and peanuts in the sun. I still do.

Towards the afternoon, We could see all kinds of colours around us as the clothes had been washed and hung out to dry on the clotheslines and railings. We would see long red, pink, and yellow duppattas flying in the wind. We could see someone’s colourful printed bed sheets and even children’s underwear hanging along with the rest of the families’ clothes.

The moment right before evening is my favourite. Around 4 o’clock, the sun, as it moves to the west burns as bright as it can and says its final goodbye for the day. That is the moment, when I feel like I am saying goodbye to a friend and stand in my balcony, watching the sun gradually moving behind the buildings and preparing to set, feeling its final heat and love.

There are also numerous things that I love doing and I feel like doing when the sun is out in the day. These urges hit me especially during winter time when I cherish every day of sunshine as it is so hard to come across such a day.

1. Sitting in the garden, tending to flowers and talking to them as I turn the soil.

2. Reliving my childhood and sitting in the balcony with my mother reading a book and peeling oranges.

3. Listening to the radio

4. Going for a stroll

5. Watching the bright colours of things around me as they gleam in the sunlight

6. Clay modelling

7. Photography

8. Going to a fair or Haat

9. Swinging on the children’s swings in the playground

10. Write an article or read a book

11. Picnic

12. So, obviously, lie down on the grass and take short naps


Life turns us into villains

We have grown up with our parents and grandparents teaching us to be good human beings: never to lie, to be nice to everyone you meet, to be polite, to be helpful, and what not?

I am one of the many people who have tried hard to be a good and likeable person from the very beginning. I have tried to help people whenever in my own small ways, even when I had to go out of the way to just do something nice to someone. I have tried my best to be nice to everybody I met. Throughout my school life, I never bitched about anyone and thus, gained a lot of respect in return.

But then…BOOM! Life happened!

One by one, I was hurled into the harsh realities of life. I learnt on the rocky path that perhaps I didnt need to help every single person, and could and even had to refuse to help. I learnt that there are some situations where lying was a necessary evil. I learnt that being nice to people doesn’t always get you appreciation or even satisfaction, but finger-pointing and more tensions.

All the great utopian values that my grandparents taught me were pushed into the background as I dealt with different people and situations.

I met people who would simply take my politeness or sweetness for granted and then came a point when they started taking advantage of it. That is  when I learnt, I had to start refusing help to people…I learnt to use the word ‘No’.

I met with situations where I had to speak white lies to certain people (some people call it diplomacy…sometimes even I do) when I wanted to wriggle out of uncomfortable situations. I also had to use it to protect my own dear ones from being hurt or pushed into awkward moments.

I also started backbiting people. Though I do not necessarily call it an essential virtue, but somehow, as you grow up and life turns crappier, there is an urge to vent the negativity and anger, unfortunately by blaming other people or shedding one’s own inferiority complex by bitching.

And then, I also learnt to be rude to people’s faces. I learnt to tell them to keep away from me because I was sick of their lying, and selfish nature, etc etc. Even though I tried to give subtle hints at first, and then stronger indications that I want to keep away from a certain person, I was forced to use harshness to finally get my word  across.

I also started to break hearts. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, I had to abandon long standing friendships, trusts, etc to achieve my selfish goals in life…or even to just….breathe.

I guess, being all that virtuous isnt that easy when life strikes! Probably someday I will learn to hold on to these basic traits even in the worst of scenarios. Maybe I wont.

As of now, I think that turning into the ‘villain’ is the only choice left to you sometimes. Sometimes, it is even correct to do so.

Books Are Always Fun…here comes another one!

The Bracelet – A Tag and Book Promotion.

I was thrilled after Tikulicious tagged me in her post. What’s more? she had a task set out for me.  So, first, I thank Tikuli Aunty for tagging me in her blog post and secondly, I thank her for giving me such an interesting quiz to do, because I, for one, LOVE answering questionnaires. 🙂

So here goes:

The Bracelet is a book by newbie Ishaan Lalit. It captures in it mystery, fantasy, legends and myths and I am sure it will give the sense of elation which I feel after reading every book which combines a little of everything I mentioned above. Hence, I am looking forward to reading this book.

Do check the book out and be there at the book launch at Delhi and Faridabad!

Here is a grab of the back cover of the book:

Abhay stood up. He was in a field of grass. Then he heard horses coming. Abhay looked to his right and then to his left, and saw that he was surrounded by horse riders. They stopped just before the dense grass and waited. A man appeared out of nowhere, walked up to him, and held up his hand revealing a bracelet.

What is the secret of the bracelet? Why is everybody after it? And who will get it: the Tantrics or the Arthrakshaks?
Abhay, an ordinary college-going boy, is thrust into a world of secrets, lies, deceit, and supernatural entities. He finds out that he is an integral part of a war that he must win to save himself and his family from destruction. Will he be able to do it? To find out, read this fascinating novel that you just won’t be able to put down!


And now comes my favorite part! The Tag! I hope you too will post this on your blog and enjoy this little questionnaire.

1. What does the name suggest?  Could be anything you know, even “Oops its my wife/girl friend’s birthday, what do I get her” Just put it down

Ans.  The name bracelet to me suggests the feminineness of a woman. It suggests the delicate but, also the  powerful body and mind of a woman. A bracelet, however fragile it looks, is strong enough to wrap itself snugly around a woman’s wrist and heart. The traditional Indian bracelet-the bangle becomes a part of a young woman’s identity and a symbol of the colourful culture of India.

2. If your loved one presented you a bracelet, what would you want it to be made of?  Alternatively if you had to present a bracelet to your sweetheart, what would you pick?

a.) Gold

b) Gold and rubies

c) Diamonds babe, just diamonds

d) Whateva, its gotta be expensive and look it!

e) Simple iron kada, or a silver one.  Not showy

Ans. Well, I would really want a sparkly diamond bracelet from my sweetheart. But for want of realism, I would like a simple silver bracelet, so option (e) is the best! I would like to present my sweetheart a simple silver bracelet too….no chains though! (this also probably shows the kind of ‘sweetheart’ I am looking for 😉 )


3. Suppose your bracelet (or kada) had magical qualities (Like Aladin’s lamp) what magical qualities would you want it to have?  Let your imagination run riot … anything, money, power, world domination, elixir of youth …. Just pen it down – or punch them keys

Ans. I would like my bracelet to have the power I have always wanted to have- the power to turn back time. Yes, you could say I like to live in the past, but that is how I like it. I want to turn back time to relive the beautiful memories, to learn from the past by closely reading it again, and perhaps even to string together the past, present and future to understand relationships. No wonder I am a history student right?


4. Do snakes scare you or do you get strangely fascinated by them?

Ans. That is a tricky question considering some parts of both are true. Yes, snakes do fascinate me: their colours, their texture, their sleek movement, and their sly looks. But like all mysterious and fascinating things, I am also a little scared of them. Perhaps it is because those sly looks spell out ‘Deceit’. Those iridescent colours promise to take you into a world where everything will be beautiful, only for you to get lost in an unknown world forever.


5.  Harry Potter could speak Parseltongue.  Do you wish you could?

Ans. This is something I have never thought about. Maybe yes, I would like to speak parseltongue to unravel the mind of the snake and find out if I can trust him after all.


6.  What do you dream about?  No this is not about day dreaming, it’s not about wishful thinking, it’s about being in dreamland.

Ans. I dream about people, and thus obviously relationships. I dream about the people and the things I have lost, the people and things I am yet to encounter and of course. I also dream about the present, sometimes in a more twisted way than they really are!


7. Do you remember your dreams?

Ans. Yes, I do remember my dreams.


8. Ever had your dreams interpreted?

Ans. I try to interpret my dreams on my own. Having done some psychology and being intrigued by Freud, I have always tried to find out why I dreamt what I dreamt. Was my dream a reflection of my fears? or desire? Or both? (Clearly, I am very influenced by Freudian Psychology)


9. Do you keep a dream diary?

Ans. No.


10. Your favorite wrist jewellery?

a). Bangles

b)  Bracelet

c) Expensive Watch

d) Friendship band

e) Taveez or sacred thread (mouli)

Ans. My favourite piece of wrist jewellery is a bracelet. Simple and showy at the same time. Delicate and feminine. And the perfect accessory to dress up the arms. An expensive watch comes fact very close to the bracelet.


I hope you guys will repost this too! I am sure you will enjoy!

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Colour Mania once again!

For some time now, I have been a little low. Things have not gone well and that I can see, has been reflected on my blog.

But then, I saw this really colourful, snazzy blog and I remembered just how much I love colours!!

Just how a smile automatically appears on my face when I see the brightness of Yellow and how it reminds me of the sun! And yes, of summers and subsequently, ice creams and swimming pools.


Just how when I see red, this fire in my erupts and I get this burst of energy. 

How when I see orange, the freshness of it fills my mind and my nose starts to smell the invigorating fragrance of fresh oranges. Nothing, can beat the citrus smell of orange and lemon, be it summer or winter. Orange (and oranges) give me that zeal and coolness in the lazy summer season and warmth in the winters.









How when I see blue, any shade of blue, it brings a rush of cool breeze and I am reminded of cool, calm waters….along with raging waves of a river which again fill me with a sort of excitement.


The colour green,

it brings a sense of calmness along with it. It reminds me of bright, healthy green grass and reminds me of my childhood when I used to walk bare feet, feeling the texture of the grass tickling my skin. At the same time, green also shoots a surge of power and neon into the brain!! Its electric and while calming, all at the same time! Cool eh?


And now, the best part….ALL the colours together!! A rainbow! Freshly washed damp clothes! A Wardrobe!! Flowers! Balloons! Parties! New books! ALL of them together! Dont they give you a sense of elation?





Dont they just light up your life just when you thought it was turning grey?

What are your favourite colours? And what do they remind you of??


Remember This….

I am a day late in posting this on my blog, nevertheless, it is a very important thing and something close to my heart.

Yesterday, the 13th of December, 2010 was the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Parliament House of India.

Most people forgot the significance of the day, some remembered. I respect the latter. And I thank and bow to the blood donation camps which were organised in the honour of those who died saving the country’s leaders: most of whom probably;y dont even realize the martyr’s sacrifice.

It is important to remember this day. It is important to remember that yet, we remain a soft target for all those terror outfits who incessantly continue to shake our nation by these atrocious acts of violence. The recent bomb blast at Varanasi (7 December, 2010).

It is important to remember that even though these attacks have become so common now, we still remain ignorant and casual in our approach towards these horrific acts. I am not talking about the government which has so far failed to deal with these groups. I am talking about us, the common citizens who walk blindfolded and choose to ignore the hazards they face the moment they enter a public place.

Why just blame the police official who was sleeping when someone placed a pressure cooker bomb in a temple? Why just blame that single metal-detector which doesn’t work and gives the people a false sense of security? Aren’t we equal offendors?

Why is it that when someone spots an abandoned piece of luggage on the railway station, he CHOOSES to ignore it, even when the paranoia of a bomb hits him? Tell me, how much energy does it take for one to walk a few steps and inform the police? Just because the bag could belong to anyone from the crowd of a hundred at the station? Yes, it could even belong to a terrorist.

And why is it that everytime we enter the metro station, we come out complaining that the security officials didnt check us properly enough? What does it take for us to insist on better checking ourselves?

We have no right to complain and blame others for their wrong doings and carelessness when we ourselves aren’t vigilant enough. Nor do we have the right to take away someone else’s life just beacuse we were’nt careful enough.

I Hope that by my blog, my voice reaches out to the people, and helps in opening their eyes and minds a little…. and make them take a productive step from now on. We must remember that before we deal with the terrorist, we must deal with ourselves.

Remember 13th December. Remember 26/11. Remember Varanasi, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore.