These wings don’t know

quite where they are headed

all they know is to flutter

they fly towards the sun and back

they know not how to stutter

they fly and swoop in one motion

they glide and they glisten

they catch the rays of the sun

and they boast to the littles

but be careful, the Old one says

do not get out of hand

you are young, and bright and bold

but these are shifting sands

one minute the sky is bright

the next it turns grey

you must know when to slow down

you might regret the next day

your colours are your badge of honour

your flight a mark of pride

but don’t forget the others,

he says,

you need to be by their side

they are who make you who you are

even if you can’t see it yet

your courage and generosity

is the result of a debt

so remember to keep your fellows with you

you must stick together

fly around all you must

but come back home,

in stormy weather