We are all weaving a giant tapestry

We just dont know where the threads will meet

There are some lose ends

But they’ll come together

We are just following our hearts

And spilling them on a blank sheet

There might be some knots

Some tangles, here and there

But a little bit of effort

And soon they’ll be gone

And the threads will once again

Be free

To weave this giant tapestry

No one knows what colours to put

We each choose one for ourselves

And keep moving our needles

With time they’ll all meet somewhere

They’ll create a rainbow

No, a mass of rainbows,

Each with the dreams of many weavers sewn in

We each weave a tapestry

Unknowingly adding to the patterns

Being sewn elsewhere

We mould our own visions

Into this great umbrella

Never knowing what shape it will take

And this is how we

Weave this giant tapestry

This weaving never stops

The umbrella never ceases to be built

We may die

But the story never ends….