Art for Class 4

This is a writer friend’s new blog. Always liked his thought-provoking stories. A must-read story here!

Almost Mostly Harmless

When Mr. Ribinsky entered the classroom, Robin went silent. It wasn’t shock or fear, but merely surprise. Mr. Ribinsky wasn’t their regular teacher. Mr. Bibisky as Robin would come to refer to him, was nothing like Ms. Amily, her earlier teacher. In class 4, the change from a name one can pronounce, to one, one can’t, can be traumatic, but Robin had to deal with the people switching along with the names! Surprise was perhaps an understatement, Robin was anxious.

Unlike the bright red and blue, and Robin’s favourite yellow tee shirts that Ms. Amily wore, Mr. Bibisky wore a dark brown shirt with black pants, with no prints on them, not even stripes. He was so tall Robin had to turn her face all the way up to see his face. He had oval eyes that were narrow towards the corners, and a long nose. His lips were thin…

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