The Little Things in Life

This list has been long due. I turned 21 this year in June, and so I want to list 21 things (and people) this time which have made my life beautiful all these years.

1. Friends 

2. Mom

3. Chocolate Cake

4. Balloons

5. Colours

6. Homemade Indian Food

7. Road Trips

8. Summers

9. Swimming

10. Theatre

11. Egg Sandwiches

12. Chocolates

13. Cards (All sorts of greeting cards)


14. Long-distance relationships (with friends, relatives…whoever)

15. Letters

16. Grandma

17. Girls’ Day Out

18. Night outs

19. Long, deep convers


20. Vodka

21. Books

I have chosen to list just 21 things. This d

oes not in any way mean 21 is enough 🙂


[Some pictures are my own; some off the internet]


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