Do Something! For Yourself!

So often, I am ridiculed and given funny looks by my friends when I say something strange or try to crack a funny joke. There are times when I feel like singing aloud in public without being bothered that I probably sound like what they call ‘Phataa Baans’ (broken flute) in Hindi, and the fact that there are other people around me.

But I am different from my friends in the way I deal with these urges, and I am proud of it. When I do, in fact get the urge to hum a little, I DO it…because at that point of time, that tune is meant for me to enjoy and not for others to judge. I wish everyone would just do the same, without feeling conscious of the world and what they would think.

Dont we spend enough hours in a day trying to impress those around us? Be a better student and pay attention in class. Not do mischief to remain in the good books of the teacher. Follow the boss like a puppy in the hope of getting a promotion someday. Try to impress the in-laws, brothers, sisters, etc??

After all this toiling, isn’t is fair that we give ourselves a few minutes too?

When you really want to crack a joke…crack one! Why be scared that it wont be funny? Lets say you crack the saddest joke of the year. Chances are, by tomorrow the saddest joke of the year will become the saddest joke of yesterday.

When you want to stop and gaze at something…why not do it? When you want to sing a song…why not do it?

Why are we so scared about what people will think about us? What about one’s opinion about oneself?

I, for one, feel very good that I can enjoy myself and give myself some entertainment by my wacky ways. If I have an ice tea, I will probably dance around with that paper cup on my head acting like a drunkard. But then, that little dance is meant for me and myself only. I do not see why other’s opinion about my dancing should bother me when I didnt ask them for any. Especially, seeing as how most probably they are strangers to me.

Lets say the people around you arent strangers. Then what? The same thing I would say to them too. It is not that I need to ask you for permission to enjoy myself a bit. And if you truly like me, you will stick with me regardless of how I behave. If you are embarrassed of me, then I have no interest in being friends with you. And neither should you have any interest in staying friends with me, if all you want to do is, make fun of me behind my back.

It is time we started enjoying and doing things…for ourselves!!


4 thoughts on “Do Something! For Yourself!

  1. Thats very true creativitytothemax! We have been conditioned and socialized to constantly seek the other’s approval. Its time we get out of this circle once in a while! That really wont do any harm.

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