I Love Being Single, But Sometimes It Sucks

One of the best fusion bands that India has produced- Indian Ocean, will be performing in the city tonight. And I cant go.

As luck has it, the performance starts late in the evening, and ends after nightfall, and like all big cities, Delhi too doesn’t allow me to stay out till late unless I am accompanied by a male friend/brother/elder person.

And that is why I can go there tonight.

Most of my male friends are busy doing other things or are simply not interested in this kind of music. I have no brothers or close male relatives who can accompany me to the concert, or even just pick me up from the venue. This is the time when I start yearning a boyfriend. My girlfriends, the ones who manage to stay out and go to cool places can do so because of this one big asset: they have a boyfriend who is most likely capable to ensure their safety.

As for me, I get stuck. Unless I decide to risk being groped or stalked or raped on the streets at night, there is little chance that I would be willing to go out alone and return home alone at 9:30 pm. All in all this makes me think, being a girl sucks. Or perhaps, being a single girl sucks.

There is another option I can consider. But it is a long one:

1. I convince  one good guy friend to do me a favour and pick me up and perhaps even come to the concert with me.

2. I convince my mother that this particular friend is a nice, decent guy and I will be safe with him.

3. Convince myself too.

4. Keep the guy in line too. After all, he IS a guy.

5. Tolerate  my mother’s phone calls anyway when she tries to find out if I am having ‘too much fun’.

6. Attempt to make her understand that the guy is nothing more but a friend.

7. Convince the guy the same.

Sigh…I guess I have to choose. To go or not to go.


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