Do Something! For Yourself!

So often, I am ridiculed and given funny looks by my friends when I say something strange or try to crack a funny joke. There are times when I feel like singing aloud in public without being bothered that I probably sound like what they call ‘Phataa Baans’ (broken flute) in Hindi, and the fact that there are other people around me.

But I am different from my friends in the way I deal with these urges, and I am proud of it. When I do, in fact get the urge to hum a little, I DO it…because at that point of time, that tune is meant for me to enjoy and not for others to judge. I wish everyone would just do the same, without feeling conscious of the world and what they would think.

Dont we spend enough hours in a day trying to impress those around us? Be a better student and pay attention in class. Not do mischief to remain in the good books of the teacher. Follow the boss like a puppy in the hope of getting a promotion someday. Try to impress the in-laws, brothers, sisters, etc??

After all this toiling, isn’t is fair that we give ourselves a few minutes too?

When you really want to crack a joke…crack one! Why be scared that it wont be funny? Lets say you crack the saddest joke of the year. Chances are, by tomorrow the saddest joke of the year will become the saddest joke of yesterday.

When you want to stop and gaze at something…why not do it? When you want to sing a song…why not do it?

Why are we so scared about what people will think about us? What about one’s opinion about oneself?

I, for one, feel very good that I can enjoy myself and give myself some entertainment by my wacky ways. If I have an ice tea, I will probably dance around with that paper cup on my head acting like a drunkard. But then, that little dance is meant for me and myself only. I do not see why other’s opinion about my dancing should bother me when I didnt ask them for any. Especially, seeing as how most probably they are strangers to me.

Lets say the people around you arent strangers. Then what? The same thing I would say to them too. It is not that I need to ask you for permission to enjoy myself a bit. And if you truly like me, you will stick with me regardless of how I behave. If you are embarrassed of me, then I have no interest in being friends with you. And neither should you have any interest in staying friends with me, if all you want to do is, make fun of me behind my back.

It is time we started enjoying and doing things…for ourselves!!


Are You Sporty Enough?

For quite some time, I have neglected my blog. A series of upheavals in my personal life and social life led to a writer’s block and the lack of motivation to write anymore. But now I feel I am back to life! A few days ago I started talking to a friend who recently experienced a break up with his long time girlfriend. Obviously, he had been left pretty heart broken and dejected. In an effort to make him feel better, we started talking about books, movies, and any and every other thing in life.

When you hang out or talk to a guy, sports talk is bound to come up. With the Cricket World Cup, it is likely to come up every now and then. But the friend realized the probability of me getting bored with The Talk and decided to apologize and talk about something else. I decided to go with it anyway if that made him feel better. It could also probably give him a morale boost considering how he could explain a nutter like me, the moves and tactics of his favourite cricketer.

But in course of time, as I listened to him talk passionately about the progress of an ideal cricketer and a perfect cricket match, I realized that sport definitely had much more to do with people than just the joy of playing.

As the friend told me about his daily ritual of running for 8 Kms, I thought about how much even a short round can do. Running not only helps burn calories but also helps burn negative energy. As all the frustration is shed in the energy used in running, one’s mind gets clearer and the decision making process becomes a little less stressful. Moreover, the exposure to fresh air just lightens one’s mood and brings a new zeal to deal with life.

Not only running, every sport does this job of helping get rid of the excess energy which may not be necessarily needed.

Sports which require teams teach us more than coordination and teamwork. Football and Cricket, and any other big games that require two or more people, teach us to listen to the other person. They teach us to respect them. They teach us to cooperate and think out a suitable strategy as fast as you can, collectively as well as individually. They teach us to make quick decisions and judge people for different purposes. The best part is, they also teach you to make different judgements in different situations. What happens on the field remains on the field. A poor goalie might not be a slow person otherwise. One character does not define a person, is something sports can show you with practical examples.

But one does not need to involve in high energy sports to relish the wonderful after effects of having played a wonderful game. A simple game of carom or skipping the rope, or scrabble or Business can do wonders for one’s self esteem and spirits. The feeling of accomplishment after having captured the queen or having completed a 100 skips successfully or having earned the most money is unbeatable.  Moreover, board games not only teach you to play in and against a team with just your brain and no arms and legs, they usually have more special purposes.

Carom enhances dexterity, Scrabble enhances word power. A good game for maths is Business and there are several more games which strengthen one’s geography, or general knowledge or oratory too! What’s more? They allow one to get some close knit family time or even a friends’ union when time becomes a rare luxury.

And then of course, are the qualities which everyone knows about. It makes you strong enough to face defeat. It makes you agile, healthy and happy!

Clearly, sports has much more to it than leisure.. It has much more value for life and for us as social beings even when its benefits aren’t so easily visible. A simple act of viewing an interesting match can be pretty elating, I found out a couple days back when this friend urged me to watch a game. The surge of national pride, the sense of nervousness and the feeling of despair at someone else’s loss and the feeling of pride at some else’s victory is a very different experience.  When the team you support wins, the celebration is greater than any other! And when that team loses, no loss seems bigger at that point of time.

Sports just reminds us that we are humans who feel after all. We possess emotions not only for ourselves, but others too, whether known or unknown. Even if we dont realize it otherwise in life.

Being sporty is to be human, I would say.  So are you sporty enough?


I Love Being Single, But Sometimes It Sucks

One of the best fusion bands that India has produced- Indian Ocean, will be performing in the city tonight. And I cant go.

As luck has it, the performance starts late in the evening, and ends after nightfall, and like all big cities, Delhi too doesn’t allow me to stay out till late unless I am accompanied by a male friend/brother/elder person.

And that is why I can go there tonight.

Most of my male friends are busy doing other things or are simply not interested in this kind of music. I have no brothers or close male relatives who can accompany me to the concert, or even just pick me up from the venue. This is the time when I start yearning a boyfriend. My girlfriends, the ones who manage to stay out and go to cool places can do so because of this one big asset: they have a boyfriend who is most likely capable to ensure their safety.

As for me, I get stuck. Unless I decide to risk being groped or stalked or raped on the streets at night, there is little chance that I would be willing to go out alone and return home alone at 9:30 pm. All in all this makes me think, being a girl sucks. Or perhaps, being a single girl sucks.

There is another option I can consider. But it is a long one:

1. I convince  one good guy friend to do me a favour and pick me up and perhaps even come to the concert with me.

2. I convince my mother that this particular friend is a nice, decent guy and I will be safe with him.

3. Convince myself too.

4. Keep the guy in line too. After all, he IS a guy.

5. Tolerate  my mother’s phone calls anyway when she tries to find out if I am having ‘too much fun’.

6. Attempt to make her understand that the guy is nothing more but a friend.

7. Convince the guy the same.

Sigh…I guess I have to choose. To go or not to go.

I Sleep at 2AM: Not Sorry I Missed Your Call

I don’t understand some people. It is not rare that I get phone calls from classmates, old schoolmates, and even people I hardly talk to at odd times at night. Unfortunately, most of them happen to be guys who in my opinion, have apparently nothing better to do in life.

Once every while, I get a call at 12 am, or 2 am or even a ‘funny’ text message at 4 am in the morning. Seriously, where does one get such enthusiasm for texting from?

Has the mobile phone now become the tool for the inevitable need to talk? Or is it the perfect tool to flirt?

Perhaps it is a time-pass tool for people who are just looking to get laid.

I really wonder what goes on in the minds of the people who decide to text young women at random hours in the night. Do they really think they will be able to impress a girl  by showcasing their amazing ability to text while lying in bed, half asleep (or not)?

Or do they think that we love to receive texts from weird people who we hardly know, and the only thing we want to do in the middle of the night is to sit and talk dirty?

Well, sadly for all those out there who love to disturb young women, I am not interested. So please, if possible, keep your texts (and yourself) away from me. I like to sleep at 2 am please.