The Little Things in Life- February 2011

I think I will make this a monthly post. Towards the end of every month, I will put up a list of the things that mattered to me or the things I loved seeing/doing during that particular month.

So here goes….

1. Desert

2. Sand

3. Cameras

4. Camels

5. Lord Krishna

6. Rain

7. Forts

8. Costumes

9. Colourful Duppattas

10. Notepads

11. Visiting Relatives

12. Foreign Tourists

13. Fossils

14. Hand Santizer

15. Long, intense chit chat sessions with friends

16. J.P. Tea Stall:  D- school!

17. Chai

18. Coconut Fen (!)

19. Trains

20. Caramel

21. Cinammon

22. Writers in Bath Robes

23. Trains

24. Sunshine!

25. Clay

26. Exotic birds

27. Havelis

28. Rajasthani Folk music



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