My friend gave this song to me when we were all bored and tired after attending classes all day…and what life it brought back into me!!

I have heard other Harry Potter based songs before…including the popular band The Harry and The Potter’s songs. But none of them seem to make as much sense as this one does.

The last part of the last Harry Potter will be out in July…I wonder how different life would be after the series are over. There will be less humour, less fantasy to look forward to in life.

Having grown up with Harry and his friends and seen him struggle with the mysteries of his childhood, his parents, growing up and of course, Hogwarts and Voldemort, it was like every page of the book had become a part of my own life. Barring of course the wands and the spells.

Everytime Harry felt that frustration and anger…I felt it too. Every time George and Fred cracked a joke, I saw them in front of me with their wacky expressions (did I mention they are my favourite characters?)

I will miss Harry Potter…but then, on second thoughts…i wonder if that is correct….i mean, He is just a book away right?

Although I have to say I do miss Dumbledore and his words of wisdom.


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