The Little Things In Life

January 2011 has been quite a fast-paced and interesting month. As the end of the month comes nearer, I decided to make a list of all the big and little things that I really loved doing and the things that I saw and which made an impact on me this month. I doubt I have ever had a month-long phase of excitement. This is bound to happen when you go on a trip, meet super cool people, and……

1. Bus journeys and books

2. Paper Tickets

3. Meeting new people

4. Watching Nobel Laureates and Booker Prize winners talk….and make out with random people

5. Vodka high!

6. Neon lighting at night

7. Mirrors

8. Photography

9. Shopping for birthday presents

10. Packing dainty jewellery

11. Group lunch

12. Walking alone on the streets of Jaipur and Delhi (A Classic Scene from my imagined movie- Single In the City)

13. Boots

14. Pizza in bed

15.  Fortune cookies

16. Pools and fountains

17. Palaces

18. Rose bouquets

19. Bookstores

20. Coffee

21. Exotic Dinners

22. Old Songs

23. Concerts

24. Earphones

25. Camels and Elephants

26. Sunny Days in Winters

27. Cool Couples


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