It is National Voters Day and I got my I-card!!

25th January in India is celebrated as National Voters Day, this is a fact I have just come to know of. And what better way to celebrate this day than getting my own voter’s identity card?

Yes, I am finally old enough(well, I was old enough a year ago too) to make decisions for myself and for my country. Now I have a legitimate right to choose my own leader (however corrupt they are).

So, even though the function today in honour of this awesome day was pretty useless and forced, I still plan to think of the wonderful advantages of becoming a legitimate voter.

I can finally use my own brains and decide which fool I want to see governing my country. Even though I will be given all kinds of bribes by the high class of politicians who turn into beggars at the time of elections, no amount of money, alcohol, blankets and saris must blur my vision of  a brighter India with sensible leaders.

I can happily cast my vote along with scores of other learned men, for which now I must attempt to learn more of the political scenario of the country so I can make a good and unbiased decision about who might be the best possible candidate.

Now that I have a voter’s id card, I MUST go and put my vote and make full use of my right to Adult Franchise. Otherwise there is no point in turning 18 and getting a piece of plastic paper with my picture on it. I already have 5 other cards with my lovely picture on them. So this one better be put to some good use!

I guess now I have to wait for the next phase of elections in my city, but till then I can happily show my card off! Not to forget use it as a mark of my existence on this lovely planet!


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