Earth Alert

December 15-21 was British Council Library’s Third International Climate Champions Camp. It was one of the many, but sadly hardly noticed events to gather attention towards the Earth and its future. While only a few members were able to go to Goa to study the fragile ecosystem of the place, most of us still sat at home wasting energy.

I don’t see why it is so difficult to care a little about our earth and make that tiny effort to save it and the other species on it. Why is it so difficult to get up from the bed and throw those pencil shavings in the dustbin. Why is it so difficult to walk 5 meters to throw a chips’ packet in the bin when it is right there in front of you? Why is it so difficult to remember to switch off the lights when you step out of a room?

If it is not so difficult, then why doesn’t it happen?

I wonder if having such big conferences and International camps has any value in life besides its stamp on a CV. After all, the first effort to change the future of the earth begins from our own homes. People who have just come back after gathering such ‘awareness’ are still the ones to throw plastic bags and other rubbish in the water. Even the most educated people do not posses basic manners and civic ethics.

What is required is training (shamefully enough) in such basic habits. It is the parents who are the first ever teachers to a child. Thus, it is their duty to first, get rid of their bad habits and then, point out to their children everything they throw a sweet wrapper from a moving car.

Next comes the school. Unfortunately, the only way that I see to teach children is to fine them every time they leave the lights on, or leave pencil shavings on the floor/inside the desk, and stick chewing gum on random places. I know it is not exactly fair to fine a little kid for doing such trivial ‘crimes’, but then, how else to teach them?

How else will they learn of the importance of saving the environment? These are just the tiniest of methods to save our only home. Even Mars won’t be able to give us what the Earth is giving! What is the point of making such huge efforts like participating in International Conferences and camps when they will be forgotten after a few days?

We blame architects for planning buildings which use glass, which in turn use more energy in these tropical summers. But are we ourselves helping?

How many times has one heard of using public transport instead of private, arranging car pools, using bio-efficient lighting and other products, using less of plastic and more of jute and cloth, using less electricity for petty tasks and doing things manually sometimes?? All in vain.

I really wonder when we will stop displacing the blame and take some responsibility for our actions. I wonder when we will start fulfilling our duties and making little obligations for nature, which is only a giver, never a taker.


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