I Don’t Want to Become a Passive Smoker

Dear Mr. Smoker,

I know you have no interest in your health and have no regard for others’ opinion either. But please, do try to understand that I do not want to become a smoker. Not even a passive smoker.

I do not want to have black lungs. More than that, I do not want to cough like an asthmatic patient, which is also is to say, I do not want to get asthma. Nor do I want to experience any sort of breathlessness.

Do you realize that every time I stand next to you, you smell like old socks and smoke? The smell makes me want to gag… you as well as myself.

I know you are least concerned about the health of other people in your life. But please, just slow down for a moment and think about your family….or any person you are spatially closest to. What pleasure do you get in exposing them to that cancer causing agent in your hand called a cigarette?

If you think that smoke will do nothing, then read this:

The first global study into the effects of passive smoking has found that second hand smoke causes 600,000 deaths every year – this is more than 1% of all deaths. One-third of those killed are children, often exposed to smoke at home.

The report estimates that 165,000 children die of smoke-related respiratory infections, mostly in South East Asia and in Africa. It said that this group was more exposed to passive smoking than any other group, principally in their own homes. The mix of infectious diseases and second-hand smoke is a deadly combination. As well as being at higher risk of a series of respiratory conditions, the lungs of children who breathe in passive smoke may also develop more slowly than children who grow up in smoke-free homes. The report further said that worldwide, 40% of children, 33% of non-smoking men and 35% non-smoking women were exposed to second-hand smoke in 2004. This exposure was estimated to have caused 379,000 deaths from heart disease, 165,000 from lower respiratory infections, 36,900 from asthma and 21,400 from lung cancer.

According to the study, the highest numbers of people exposed to second-hand smoke are in Europe and Asia and the lowest rates of exposure were in the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa. The research also revealed that passive smoking had a large impact on women, killing about 281,000 worldwide. This is due to the fact that in many parts of the world, the study suggests, women are at least 50% more likely to be exposed to second-hand smoke than men.[Courtesy: doctorndtv.com]

So please, if you have a heart, and if it is not black and insensitive already with all that soot….stop smoking. If you possibly cannot stop that, spare us and please stop smoking in a public place.
Thank you. 

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