A Ray of Hope

I took this picture in the Kamla Nagar Market near the North Campus of Delhi University.

This little girl, was so engrossed in her school books that she didnt even notice us clicking a picture of her. While she studied, her mother and brother continued to sell  trinkets in the street market. Now this is what gives me a little hope and indication, that the future of women’s education is a little brighter than a decade ago.

On my vacation to Lakshadweep, I saw more girls going to school than boys. What’s more? They were happy to go to school and learn about the world outside their little island.

At the servant quarters near the  apartment complex where I live, one can find that most families send their children, even their little girls to school right from the beginning till they complete  10th class.  Some hard working girls have even gone on to study further. Now they have respectable jobs in banks, or housing firms, etc. where they enjoy a good salary, and most importantly, a sense of self-pride and self-respect.

For the rest of the families which won’t send their girls to schools….I have to show to them this picture. I hope they take some inspiration from it.


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