Kerala Diaries: First Glimpse

Travelling from North India to the southern-most part of India gives you butterflies. Having grown up learning about India’s diversity, the knowledge that I know nothing of the language of the place I am going to, and of course, planning to roam around in an unknown city with the locals was pretty nerve-racking.

But after a 3 hour flight from Delhi to Kochi, the moment the plane began to land, all that feeling of nervousness began to disappear and a sense of awe began to set in. For 15 minutes, before we reached Kochi airport, we could see huge, lush green fields surrounded by tall, coconut trees with their leaves glistening in the sun. Here and there, we could spot a few white church buildings, and lagoons for which Kerala is so famous for. The rivers looked like silvery ribbons and the hills looked tiny. Seeing this view even before we landed, I could not wait to start exploring the place. After roaming around buildings for nearly my whole life, I could not wait to run amongst trees and barefoot on grass and go rowing on boats in the lovely backwaters.

Of course, I had to wait and prepare myself for a few shocks before that. The second we stepped off the plane, we felt the gust of hot,humid wind and started sweating almost instantaneously. After leaving Delhi at 20 degrees celsius, having suddenly reached 34 degrees can be quite a shock. However, we just reminded ourselves of Indian summers and moved on to take our baggage.


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