Frustration: The Big Culprit

I am no criminal psychologist. But some times, when I think about why someone gets killed for having done no big crime, why a girl gets eve-teased or raped, why there are cases of unnecessary road rage and why a poor old lady gets robbed and molested in her own house, the only reason I can think of  is ‘FRUSTRATION’.  That, in my opinion, is the biggest crime-doer and the biggest catalyst for momentary actions that sometimes take away lives, or destroy them forever: rape, murder, acid attacks, and what not?

A young lad, who has no aim in life, no one to love, or no one to learn from might not be aware of the boiling guilt and the feeling of dissatisfaction in his life, but it shows. It shows when he bangs his car into someone else’s ‘just for the fun of it’, it shows when he yells at his peers and seniors. It shows in his every act of violence.

Sadly,a person might not understand that all he needs to do is get a life is the most frustrated. Not a life he spends partying, sleeping or biking. A life where he does something productive and something that has a bright future for him and his ego. The worst part comes when he is unable to bottle all that irritation up and vents his resentment on the girl he rapes.

The need to rape is not of uncontrollable desire for sex, but uncontrollable feelings of anxiety.

When a case of road rage happens, it is not just because the person on the other end just damaged one’s car. It also happens because one feels the need to vent that anger and fizzle in one’s life.

So why are people so angry? Perhaps there are numerous reasons. Unsatisfactory jobs, loveless marriages, insufficient pay for hard work and so many more.

But the key is to move on. The key is to rise above all this and sit down, and think of a good answer to what to do with your life. What to do when you are not getting what you want? The key is erase the sense of unaccomplishment in life and look for the positive aspects and good reasons for one’s life and existence. The key is to deal with what you have using the resources available at hand and not cribbing about what you don’t have.

Another good way is to try an anger management session. There is nothing abnormal or bad about being angry when it is just anger. To be angry is human. What is important is how to deal with that anger in a positive way.

When angry at someone, instead of yelling and complaining, do something that takes energy.

1. Wash clothes

2. Polish shoes

3. Clean the kitchen

4. Arrange wardrobes and files.

Or instead, try the opposite and get some fresh air to calm the nerves and relax. Do yoga, have a healthy diet and the correct amount of sleep.

Do everything you can to get rid of that big bad monster in your mind called Anger and Frustration. Only then can we think about eliminating crime!


3 thoughts on “Frustration: The Big Culprit

  1. Totally agree about frustration boiling over because people have nothing meaningful in their lives and having never learnt to control their emotions in a socially acceptable way. Parents are supposed to teach kids this- at least by showing them appropriate examples. Many parents don’t really appreciate their kids either- they gave birth to them through pure biology or convention- not thinking they were supposed to a produce a new citizen. It’s a bad cycle and very hard to break. Educating girls and young women so that they pass it on to their sons and partners is the best way, I think.

  2. great comment murfomurf! Thank you!
    I totally agree with what you said about parents not being concerned enough about their kids. Perhaps it is because they are too busy with their own lives. I think another reason for frustration is that they are people are not able to find the right thing to do either. If these ignorant parents realize and start paying more attention to their kids, the world would be a happier place.

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