Colour Mania once again!

For some time now, I have been a little low. Things have not gone well and that I can see, has been reflected on my blog.

But then, I saw this really colourful, snazzy blog and I remembered just how much I love colours!!

Just how a smile automatically appears on my face when I see the brightness of Yellow and how it reminds me of the sun! And yes, of summers and subsequently, ice creams and swimming pools.


Just how when I see red, this fire in my erupts and I get this burst of energy. 

How when I see orange, the freshness of it fills my mind and my nose starts to smell the invigorating fragrance of fresh oranges. Nothing, can beat the citrus smell of orange and lemon, be it summer or winter. Orange (and oranges) give me that zeal and coolness in the lazy summer season and warmth in the winters.









How when I see blue, any shade of blue, it brings a rush of cool breeze and I am reminded of cool, calm waters….along with raging waves of a river which again fill me with a sort of excitement.


The colour green,

it brings a sense of calmness along with it. It reminds me of bright, healthy green grass and reminds me of my childhood when I used to walk bare feet, feeling the texture of the grass tickling my skin. At the same time, green also shoots a surge of power and neon into the brain!! Its electric and while calming, all at the same time! Cool eh?


And now, the best part….ALL the colours together!! A rainbow! Freshly washed damp clothes! A Wardrobe!! Flowers! Balloons! Parties! New books! ALL of them together! Dont they give you a sense of elation?





Dont they just light up your life just when you thought it was turning grey?

What are your favourite colours? And what do they remind you of??



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