Remember This….

I am a day late in posting this on my blog, nevertheless, it is a very important thing and something close to my heart.

Yesterday, the 13th of December, 2010 was the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Parliament House of India.

Most people forgot the significance of the day, some remembered. I respect the latter. And I thank and bow to the blood donation camps which were organised in the honour of those who died saving the country’s leaders: most of whom probably;y dont even realize the martyr’s sacrifice.

It is important to remember this day. It is important to remember that yet, we remain a soft target for all those terror outfits who incessantly continue to shake our nation by these atrocious acts of violence. The recent bomb blast at Varanasi (7 December, 2010).

It is important to remember that even though these attacks have become so common now, we still remain ignorant and casual in our approach towards these horrific acts. I am not talking about the government which has so far failed to deal with these groups. I am talking about us, the common citizens who walk blindfolded and choose to ignore the hazards they face the moment they enter a public place.

Why just blame the police official who was sleeping when someone placed a pressure cooker bomb in a temple? Why just blame that single metal-detector which doesn’t work and gives the people a false sense of security? Aren’t we equal offendors?

Why is it that when someone spots an abandoned piece of luggage on the railway station, he CHOOSES to ignore it, even when the paranoia of a bomb hits him? Tell me, how much energy does it take for one to walk a few steps and inform the police? Just because the bag could belong to anyone from the crowd of a hundred at the station? Yes, it could even belong to a terrorist.

And why is it that everytime we enter the metro station, we come out complaining that the security officials didnt check us properly enough? What does it take for us to insist on better checking ourselves?

We have no right to complain and blame others for their wrong doings and carelessness when we ourselves aren’t vigilant enough. Nor do we have the right to take away someone else’s life just beacuse we were’nt careful enough.

I Hope that by my blog, my voice reaches out to the people, and helps in opening their eyes and minds a little…. and make them take a productive step from now on. We must remember that before we deal with the terrorist, we must deal with ourselves.

Remember 13th December. Remember 26/11. Remember Varanasi, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore.



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