As 2010 comes to an end, I realize that I have grown a little more, biologically, physically, and also, psychologically and emotionally.

And I have grown up, not only with the help of the food I eat, the experiences I have gone through but also with the help of certain people I have met in my life.

So here is my gratitude to all those people:

1. My mom: For always worrying about me. Yes, we have a lot of problems. Yes, I do think she doesn’t understand me and she doesn’t even attempt to. But overriding all these problems is the fact that she is, anyway, worried about me.

2. My Aunt: She stays in London….miles away…but still leaves an impact.  She is not really my mom’s sister, but she has always treated me like I am her daughter. She has advised me, she has listened to my incessant cribbing, she tolerates  my tears even when she comes for short visits. She has taught me to not be judgemental. She has taught me to keep my self-respect even in the direst of times. Somehow, she has always convinced me to see the right way for myself, and convinced me enough. So, here, I thank her for all that she has been doing for me.

3. My so-called best friend: She took me into the amazing world of books. She taught me how to ignore the negatives in people and appreciate their positive qualities. Yes, even though after calling me her best friend for 14 years, and ditching me when I needed her most…I thank her. I thank her for the above. And I thank her for teaching me that sometimes people let you down..and so never to expect too much from people. To make yourself confident and capable enough to stand on your own feet.

4. My real 2 closest friends: For the very obvious reason of staying put by my side in my best of times, and in my worst of times. For advising me, for laughing with me, and for crying with me.

5. All The People Who Betrayed Me: For teaching me the real lessons of life. For bringing me down, so I learnt to pick myself up once again. For telling me that the world is full of people like them and I need to keep my eyes open. For teaching me how to recognize, avoid and deal with such people.

6. My teachers from Junior school: For helping me learn, grow, get up when I fell and supporting me when things had gone wrong.

7. My uncle: For being there for me and my mom. For always lending a ear to my mom’s problems and helping us when we really needed it.

8. My mom’s closest friends: For being there for us when we needed them. For making us laugh even in the most serious moments in life. For looking after me when mom would go to work and there was nobody at home.

There is my gratitude list….it will perhaps get longer as time goes by. But it will never get shorter. That, I know.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. WOW make sure aunty reads this…
    Sometimes our moms really need to told that we love them no matter what. And we are proud of the decisions they have made no matter what people say cause in the end they did it for us 😀

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