The ‘Watch What You Eat’ Problem

I was watching NDTV”s ‘Good Food’ when this happened. A  lovely hostess along with wonderful chefs who cook easy and marvelous dishes really make a good combination in my opinion. Hence, it is one of my favourite cookery shows. But something that happened on the show today (well, I was watching reruns) made me think. While conversing with an Italian chef on the show, she mentioned how ‘watching your diet’ had become such a fashionable thing in today’s world.

The issue was dropped right then, but my mind was still thinking about what she had just said. True, watching what we eat has indeed become an ‘in-thing’ these days. Surely, being careful of what we put in our stomachs is a good thing, isn’t it?

But then, there is a line between just watching what we eat and avoiding what we should eat.

After years of reports that foods which contribute excess calories and cholesterol are bad for the heart, people have really become obsessed with eating just what they think is low-fat, low-cholesterol etc. A joke I remember from the movie ‘A Cinderella Story’ had a trend+health conscious young girl asking for something which had no fat, no calories and no cholestrol at a fast food diner, only to get a glass of water. What people dont pay attention to is the word ‘EXCESS’. When Doctor Einstein of health said cholesterol is bad for the heart, he in no meant to say “Stop having Food”. Almost every food/vegetable/fruit etc has a certain amount of fat and calorie which is NECESSARY for the body. Why on earth would our mothers insist on our finishing our vegetables otherwise?

A Little amount of fat is very essential to the body. Well, unless you want to end up looking like Voctoria Beckham (probably even worse) at the age of 20, you might as well reconsider popping a few bites into your mouth WITHOUT thinking of how much weight you will gain. Your body could do some good with all that ghee and butter, trust me, that is all it really needs to give you some nice, and soft arms.

A little chocolate once in a while is great for your mental health (remember, chocolate helps with depression?). It will also give you some much needed anti-oxidants for that glow on the face. Unless, of course again you want to just slather oodles of concealer and blush a la Mrs. Beckham.

Another point which troubles me is the recent Diet programs that have come up and sadly gained popularity among the dim-witted bimbos of the world. While an Atkins’ diet might be good for an overweight Somebody who really just needs exercise, it might do more harm than good for a stick-thin super-conscious wannabe model. Yes, in the short term you will probably feel better about your rapidly losing weight, but in the long run, it might just give you broken bones and a malnourished body babe. Not So Pleasing.

Even the kind of exercise regimen you follow needs to be carefully monitored and advised by an expert. Somebody with a hypertension and high BP history cannot and should not do certain Yoga Asanas that probably Madame Shilpa Shetty swears by.

A diabetic needs a diffferent diet and a different kind of physical exercise from an athlete or say, a wrestler. So please, all you wannabe Dwayne Johnsons  of the world, use your brains and use your mouth in the right places. Eat what you NEED to eat, and think before you jump…literally.


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