Resolution Time!

December has started and it is time for us to start making our resolutions. The past year has brought many changes in the life and quality of life of the people of Delhi. While most of them were good: like the adherence to the rules of lane driving, and more appreciation for the historical heritage of the city…some new advancements in technology also exposed once again the flaws in us.

So here is a list of things I would want Delhi and its people (including me) to do. These are my New Year resolutions and my wishes for the city.

1. NO spitting on the streets and roads.

2. NO urinating on the walls. Use of public urinals and an effort to keep them clean.

3. NO littering the streets with cigarette butts, gutka and chips wrappers and bottles. Judicious use of the dustbins. (Come on people, move your arses! there is a dustbin placed every few metres all over the city)

4. Conscious use of dustbins: categorization of recyclable stuff

5. NO foul language.

6. Courtesy to the people around you. (Please, shed that attitude. Help others…you will feel good!)

7. In the words of the metro announcers: NO defacing of public property (Respect your city, people!…how do you expect others to respect it if you yourselves dont)

8. NO writing on heritage buildings and monuments. Help Delhi become a beautiful place. The Taj Mahal was built for Mumtaz. Not for Seema and Amit’s love. Respect her memory at least.

9. NO physical violence, especially on strangers and on the streets. If you are so frustrated/angry, take an anger-management class or take your frustration out on productive work…like maintaining deadlines at work!

10. NO eve-teasing. Think about your own mother/sister/girlfriend/wife being treated the same way before you do it. Have SOME respect. And for the love-lorn roadside romeos out there: GET a girlfriend and stop bothering us!

11. NO drunk driving. It is NOT cool! It is not safe! And women hate it!

12. Same rule for the bikers: SLOW DOWN. We dont like Fast and The Furious in real life.

13. NO jumping red lights. Have some consideration for other poeple’s lives.

14. Lane driving. Don’t be in such a hurry. Wake up early if you have to rush.

15. NO public smoking. One word: EWW!!

16. Help someone in need. Be a good citizen. Stop robbing people.

17. Give up seats for senior citizens and pregnant women/women with children in the metro/bus. Have some manners. Would you like to be treated in the same way?

18. NO jumping queues or pushing/groping in a queue. Have patience. Trust me, things will work faster and smoother that way.

19. Switch off your cell-phones/put them on silent mode while in a theatre/auditorium etc. If you have to take/make a call, kindly leave the room.

20. NO talking loudly while in a public place. We dont want to hear what so-and-so’s auntie/uncle did and why your boyfriend is dumping you. Perhaps we have already guessed the reason for the latter.

21. Put some money aside every month for a good cause. 10 bucks a month will do. Don’t be greedy.

22. Control your children while at a restaurant. We go there to eat…not have some kid picking at our food and tie with dirty hands.

23. Relax. Dont be in a temper all the time. Life is beautiful….enjoy it.

24. Be forgiving. If someone bangs into your car by mistake, it doesnt mean he/she is out there to kill you.

25. Smile. Please.



2 thoughts on “Resolution Time!

  1. Agreed!! I think alot of those you listed are just common courtesy but then again its sad how many people lack that quality.

    I’d like to add: No stealing, shoplifting or cheating people out of money.

    And…Control of body odor. No one likes smelly people. Showers!!

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