An End Of Year Thought

I was reading other people’s blogs and once again I was reminded that it is nearly the end of this year. Just one more month to go. This is what I thought of then:

Resolutions and gratitude lists…dream lists and to-do lists…the last month of the year: a time to look back and reflect! A time to look forward and hope!
This is th time to look back at the past year and think about all the good that you have done. This is the time to thank everything and everyone who/which has brought the good things in your life this year.
This is also the time to look back at your mistakes and learn from them. But the key is to move on then. Dont just get stuck in those past mistakes. Try not to repeat those mistakes.
And of course: this is the time when people do prehaps the most difficult and also the easiest things in their life: they dream of the future, of what they  might do, of what they might become. Some people work towards it…for some people it just remains a dream. You choose which out of these you want!
Happy End-Of-Year!

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