The Opinionlessly Opinionated

I’m sick of all those people who pretend to have such good intellectual knowledge of things when actually, they very well know they dont.

After the introduction of the women-only coach in the metro, while some expressed irritability at the fact that the women got their own coach, some expressed happiness for the women. But weirdly enough, there was another breed of men who started to voice their so-called opinion when they actually had none! Just because most of their friends were unhappy with the new coach, they joined the flock proclaiming their hatred and male chauvinism to the women of the world.

-“This new coach is just a bad idea!”

“Why sir? May I ask ?”

-“Bacause, well….the…the women dont need them. We do.”

“And what makes you say that? Aren’t you worried that your girlfriend might get groped in her next metro ride?”

-“……..No, she’s fine.” Period

And then there is another breed of people who want to get into every debate and every discussion just to look cool and knowledgeable. Pity these people, when we (obviously) find out that they dont really ‘know’ stuff and basically, have no opinion.

“So, what do you think about the new foreign policy of the State?”


“Umm…yes what?”

_”What he said…”

“What who said?”

-“The person who spoke before I did”

“Oh! so you agree with that?”

-“Yes, He is very sweet, he is always right”

Believe me, I am not making these conversations up. I bet you too have met at least one person who fits in the category of the ‘Opinionlessly Opinionated’.

I would also like to ask all those people who comment unneccesarily, Why the hell do you talk about something you dont understand? If doubts, listen to other people, then make your own ideas. If still in doubt, research.

There is nothing shameful in admitting that you do not know about a certain topic. Believe me, it will bring you respect. All you need to do is say “I am sorry, but I do not know much about this…but I will get back to you on that.”

I fact, the other person might just tell you something about what he knows. There is nothing wrong or shameful about having less knowledge, but the stupidity is in pretending to know something you don’t. Have the guts to admit the truth…or shut up!

End of story.


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