case studies – Reserve coaches for executives: ‘Class’ified!

case studies – Reserve coaches for executives

Amit Mehta, a resident of Shatread more…

The introduction of the ladies’ coach in the Delhi Metro has triggered an array of reactions. To the women, the coach is a blessing in disguise. While most men have chosen to crib about the fact that they have one less coach to travel in, others have taken to ridiculing this new development. Obviously, the insenstive, chauvinists do not realize, or perhaps are unwilling to admit that this ladies’ coach has been introduced in reaction to their wonderful acts of eve-teasing, groping and sense-less commenting on women.

But recently, and very surprisingly, I read another kind of reaction from a not-so young and not-so-humble gentlemann in the newspaper. The poor fellow, who is sick of travelling in the over-crowded metro coaches, has brought up the idea of a seperate coach for the Business Class!

What I would like to ask this gentleman is, did he think before saying such a thing? The Delhi metro is a mode of PUBLIC, not private transport. It is meant for the commonfolk of the city, not for hot-shot business executives if-you-please! If you want such luxury, and if you are willing to pay extra for another class in the train, why not just travel in the comfort of your car, Mr. Business man?

Why bother us?

The ladies coach has been introduced not for the comfort of women travellers,but for their safety.  I would like to add before you reach that point. So, before making such remarks, please Mr. Businessman, and all you snobbish rich-jerks in the crowd…do think twice….or travel in your own 1st class-AC cars. Thank you very much.



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