Kaliyug: Dark age or a Liberated one?

Kaliyuga: ‘the age of vice’ is often described as an age where dharma ceases to exist, where the human race is subject to pain, misery, and immoral thinking,where lust and sex becomes the central requirement of life,  where no respect is given to elders and equals, basically where all goodness comes to an end and human civilization degenerates and distances itself from God.

This age, the age of Kaliyuga, in which we are currently living, is often described as the ‘Dark Age’ in the history of mankind. God is as far removed as possible, and all negativity envelopes the Earth. Now, the ultimate  wait is for  ‘Satya yuga’ make its way through God’s blessing himself.

I wonder though, how one is supposed to react to the end of Kaliyug? Should one be happy that all evils will be gone and happiness and truth will be back in our lives?

I, for one, will be disappointed if the supposed cycle of  Yugas turns to bring us back to where we might have been centuries ago. And so, I think will be the women of my time.

We will be back to an age where women are perpetually subjugated and humiliated. Forced to live a life of hardship, they will back to that state of slavery at the hands of men. Be it in the sphere of the household,  political or even personal, they will be captured and stuck amongst  ancient behavior and outlook.

Restrictions on clothing, on food habits, on social behavior and other ropes of moral binding will hover around them. No longer will they be able to raise a voice against the evils against them, something that they have fought for, for decades. No longer will they step out of the house without giving a thought to if they are fully covered.

The stigma which is finally leaving the widowed or differently abled will once gain breed in the society. They will no longer be able to hold their heads up high and continue living without a husband, raising their children to be confident and self-assured, independent adults.

A menstruating woman will once again be confined to a dingy room in the corner of the house where she sleeps on the hard floor, living amongst bacteria and humiliation.

On the whole, this whole idea of the age of  ‘kali’ ending and the start of satya yuga is quite dreadful in my opinion. At the same time, I also think about why we need to make, and call this age of Kaliyug the ‘dark one’?

Isn’t it quite possible for a woman, who has always balanced multiple things in her life, to balance her self-confidence, self-realization with her ‘Dharma’? Every woman may just follow her own dharma: to take care of her husband and family, raise her children, be a success at the workplace and be happy in her own life? Will she not automatically spread happiness around her once she is in the same state?

I believe, once the little things start falling into place, the bigger ones will fall into place themselves. The freedom and happiness of women will ultimately lead to the freedom and happiness of all. Will lead to much more positivity in life…on Earth.

So, to me, Kaliyug is not a ‘Dark age’ in history, but a ‘Liberated one’.


2 thoughts on “Kaliyug: Dark age or a Liberated one?

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