Bye-Bye CWG, Hello Delhi

“Madam, badhe saaxy lag rahe ho”, the guy on the cycle shouts out to me as he passes by. Unfortunately for him, I do not respond. He continues to make intimidating remarks till he is sure that I will not look his way and then goes away dejected. I breathe a sigh of relief. This is not the first eve-teasing incident I have seen, but it still makes my heart beat at the rate of that cyclist’s wheel.

This got me thinking. The Commonwealth Games are over. The battalion of police and army personnel are no longer to be seen on every street. Delhi is no longer a ghost town that it had become during the Games. The normal (and slightly chaotic) traffic is back on the roads and so are the roadside romeos.

Shedding the image of the crime-capital of the country, Delhi had become the Games’ and cultural capital for a short (and blissful) while, but now that the CWG is over, it looks  recognizable once again.

The garbage that had disappeared is back, so are the paan-spitting people, not to forget the peeing ones at the corner of every street. Dengue and malaria are once again in full swing.

The CWG is over, and ‘saadi Dilli’ is back, and back along with it is ‘gandi Dilli’. The lack of etiquette among people, and the variety of non-sensical abusive words have found their way back home. The cons are back in business after their brief sabbatical.

The traffic snarls and chaos on roads is back after the much-liked order and conformity to rules during the Games. Tourist spots are no longer lit up and even the Government sponsored advertisements promoting etiquette and tourism are off the air. After a short  phase of progressive movement, we seem rolling back to the old times.

The few saving graces are still there though. Thanks to the dedication of Mr. Sreedharan, the Delhi Metro has covered a considerable area of the city. The new and swanky red and green (AC and non-AC) buses are a pleasure to ride on. Thankfully, the ever-convenient roadside kiosks, paan-wala, shoemakers and stalls are back. And of course, the much loved and much missed  Bhelpuri-walas and Golgappewalas are back! A pleasure to the eye, nose and tongue!  Now doesn’t that make you want to say “Hello Delhi, Welcome back!”?


3 thoughts on “Bye-Bye CWG, Hello Delhi

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