Who’s the judge?

Sasha and me have suddenly stopped talking. I am not sure why. But I have a feeling that we might have reached a saturation point in our relationship. Yes, I will miss Sasha…I will miss all the hanging out, sharing books, talking for hours about nothing-in-particular and the occasional dramatic fake arguments we had. But I am not sad. Somewhere at the back of my mind I knew it would all come to an end someday. I am just curious.

Did we stop talking because we dont have anything to talk about anymore? Or is because perhaps Sasha is sick of me. Yes, it could be so. Sasha could be sick of my drama, my unusually excited character and sudden bouts of irritation. But I dont dislike Sasha for that, nor do I dislike myself. Do I wish Sasha had more patience with me? Yes, of course I do. But I know better than to expect that of anyone I know.

Yes, I will miss what we had, but if I hold on..I will miss myself. I will miss my craziness, my carefree nature, my ability to look at things the way I do now. I will miss  my pride. And so, I will just let go of Sasha, just as I have let go of  many other people in my life.

If they cannot love me and respect me for who I am, they are not obliged to do so either. Their friends are their choice and my friends are mine. Love me, or leave me is what I would like to believe in for as long as I can. If you cannot handle me, you are welcome to leave my side. But please, do not be fake with me. Do not pretend to be my greatest friend while you actually mock me behind my back. I am happy to let you go with all the respect and regard that you deserve, provided you do the same for me.

Yes, I will miss you, but that is not to say I cannot live without you. Sometime in my life I will think of you, but I will never regret letting you go, nor will I hate you.

Noone in this world deserves to be judged by another if one cannot understand their position. Every person is different, having faced different situations in life, having dealt with their lives in a different way. And everyone has a right to be different. The human nature is such. Not everything has to be correct or incorrect. What might be the right way for me, might not be right for you. But that’s okay, because I know we will both be fine in our own lives.

So, sometimes, it is best to let things be. And I will let it be.

Love me, or leave me, but please don’t judge me.


4 thoughts on “Who’s the judge?

  1. well..i totally agree that if people cant like u the way you are..its better to just let go of them but sometimes in life us humans end up thinking a lot about a situation we make it so huge in our head..all of that is really not needed at times. i guess we (yes i am generalizing) just need to relax and go with the flow and ya it does happen that sometimes your are out of things to say so its ok..u can always try to keep the conversation alive and ya curiosity at times is good so keep that..people come and go so its ok. one last thing is it a true story or was it sumthing u just wanted to write about?? (write back on my wall)..xoxo

  2. thank you bhanu for your comment.
    I am glad to see that you agree with me. People come and go, so we should indeed move on. Thinking a lot about it is natural, but it is important to not let it overtake your life. Slips happen, things go wrong, there is noone in the world who has not commited mistakes.

    The blog is one of many true stories, whether in my life or some one else’s. Thus, it is also something i wanted to write about. 🙂

  3. you i was in same mindset some months ago … one thing i would like to tell you if someone likes you from heart they would accept you as you are and even if there are misunderstandings it wont take long for them to come back .. After all they have a special place for you and vice versa

    came here through indiblogger .. nice to be here .. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the comment arvind.
    Yes, i agree with you, if someone truly likes you, they will accept every part of you.
    But this blog is for all those who feel dejected when someone leaves their life. It is important to remember that one should not forget to respect oneself for their own uniqueness even if someone else fails to do so.

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