I questioned the lack of courage when it comes to dressing up in my last post. This one will be more or less on the same lines.

One of the first things taught in our school lives is to draw, color and paint. We identify different colors, learn to use them and appreciate them for their uniqueness and beauty. Where does this appreciation go when we grow up?

We start to feel afraid of too many colours : in our clothes, in our books, in our personality, or even just life!

How many times have we heard someone say “bring colour to your life”?

This could have many meanings, but we forget about its literal meaning in trying to look for the other hidden connotations.

College wear has started becoming mono-chromatic. The constant need to stick to one or maximum one colour is suffocating, in my opinion. We are young people, don’t we deserve a little fun in our lives?

Same theory for the office going adults out there, why stick to the boring old navy/black/white suits? Yes, it has to be formal, but who said you couldn’t be creative? Who said kill your individuality just because you are all grown-up and working now?

Filling your world with color does not necessarily have to mean bursting a color balloon every time you dress, but I’m sure we are certainly allowed to jazz up our look a bit….aren’t we?

Wear a little green eyeliner with a purple dress….add a little yellow to that pretty LBD….  Celebrate the summer season with Orange and say hello to winter with red….

Think about it…a little change in your wardrobe could mean so much. A new you altogether!

And what are you afraid of? Getting shunned by the society for wearing a multicolored stole just because you like it? Worry not my friend, they will soon forget about it….




2 thoughts on “Colour-Phobia

  1. Everyone has a choice in what they wear. At least in most countries. No one is stopping them from wearing a more colorful clothes palette. Maybe it’s society that pressures people not to stick out for fear of being made fun of?

  2. i agree…society influences most of our actions and sadly, our thinking too. We have been conditioned to believe that mono-chromatic outfits are the best kind of outfits in any situation.
    I think its time to start thinking for ourselves and start making our own choices.

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