Why so afraid?

I was watching an episode of Ugly Betty last night. Every time i watch the show something strikes me and sort of disturbs me. I have always liked Betty, no, not because she is the stereotypical plain jane-but sweet and kind working woman on TV, but because I admire her sense of style. (yes, you heard me right). Betty is not afraid to show her style to the so-called fashionistas at her workplace. While for some, her style may be loud and crazy, but for me and Betty, it is just, well, another  style.

So why are we so afraid to show who we are? In one episode of Ugly Betty, Wilhemina says to Betty ‘Taste is having the courage of your own convictions.” But why, does she have to say this in Betty’s ear? Why does it have to be a secret? Why did Wilhemina never stand up for her colleague and say this aloud in her boardroom. Some will say an evil, career-oriented hag will never do such a favour for her employee….but that is another matter.

My point is, why are we so judgmental? what is right for one might not be right for someone else. What you consider beautiful may not be so to me and vice-versa.

I like Betty because I love color….also, sometimes I like to dress outrageous. It is fun when you think about it. And so, here i come to another question…why are we so afraid of  Colour?? but that will probably be discussed in another post…maybe the next one…..

till then…think about it.


3 thoughts on “Why so afraid?

  1. I love the colors of your blog! We live in a society where it seems like everyone is judging you in one way or another. Perhaps with clothes people stick to what they feel comfortable with and usually that is something safe. I would love to dress outrageously and full of color but then again, I get self-conscious because it does draw attention to yourself and I just don’t have that much confidence. More power to you!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment misstaing…i think you are right in saying that people prefer sticking to conventional stuff…but dont you wish this would turn around someday?
    i think you should wear what you want to…even if it comes as a shock initially, people will get used to your dressing. you don’t need to go Lady Gaga…but you can wear a nice colourful accessory at times! 🙂 All the best with that!

  3. I’ve never watched that show, but I get the essence of this post. We are so scared to be what we are; we are scared that people will be judgmental; we hate someone analyzing us negatively, etc and so we prefer staying in color which can be considered as normal to the world!

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