A vanilla-sense of accomplishment

So, I have finally completed another long-due task in my list of to-dos and it feels good. Now, I too have joined the blogging-brigade and surprisingly I do not feel so bad. I was always apprehensive about putting up my thoughts so publicly over the internet and putting them to the scrutiny of millions of readers and thinkers. But as they say, things  happen, times change, and as a part of the society one needs to change too. Moreover, I realized that perhaps putting my words to the test might not be so bad after all. I have always stressed on the fact that I like to learn, and if there are people out there to tell me if I am wrong or right, it is actually great isnt it?

Thus, here I am. Just another small unit of the society looking for her place in the world. Perhaps, yet another person who wants to discover more of the world and herself. But what differentiates me from being ‘another person’ and being ‘a person’ is the way I look at things. This is perhaps reflected in the name I chose for my blog: vanillasense.

Vanilla, in my opinion is such a beautiful thing. It invokes a sense of calmness, invokes memories of childhood-the most beautiful period of life for most of us, and invokes a sense of breeziness in our busy lives. Vanilla also reminds me of who I am. It reminds me of my seemingly calm nature. I say seemingly because just like vanilla in excess overwhelms, I too, do get overwhelmed in certain situations…my friends can tell better. Vanilla reminds me of the blend of the maturity and childishness in me. And of course, laziness is a quality that connects vanilla and me  so closely.

But hopefully, I will not let laziness get the better of me. I will keep coming back to share a part of me and open my mind to the wonders of the world….till then, Dasvidaniya!


6 thoughts on “A vanilla-sense of accomplishment

  1. Pretty good job. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say, I love browsing your blog posts. In any case, I will subscribe to your feed, I hope you write again!

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